Be good to your belly with GoodBelly cereal, crunch bars and yogurt

GoodBelly Probiotics Peanut Butter Crunch cereal, photo by Cristine Struble
GoodBelly Probiotics Peanut Butter Crunch cereal, photo by Cristine Struble /

What do you do to feel good? GoodBelly Probiotics has new ways fuel being good to your belly and breakfast gets a boost of probiotics.

GoodBelly Probiotics has been a staple in many people’s refrigerators. Their beverages and shots have helped people to get a boost of probiotics. But, in today’s ever evolving food world, people are looking for more ways to be good to their bellies and their bodies. These new offerings give consumers variety in their quest to do good.

In partnership with General Mills, the cereal, crunch bars and yogurt look to expand the options for consumers to get more probiotics into their daily lives. In some ways, these products seem to make you forget about the good for the belly side because you are focusing on the tasty treats.

A few reasons why people shy away from certain healthier foods is taste. Whether it is a bar that is just the wrong texture or the yogurt that seems a tad too thick, even the most ardent healthy eater can wish for the delicious chocolate chip cookie.

When a brand can find the right balance between the good for you and the great tasting, it is a win for everyone. Fortunately for GoodBelly, they found that right balance.

Recently, FoodSided had the opportunity to taste test some of the GoodBelly cereal, crunch bars and yogurt. While we won’t speak to the “gut health” side of these foods, the taste had us going back for more.

Like many households, cereal is a pantry staple. From school morning to sometimes te night snack, a cereal bowl seems to be on the table.

The GoodBelly Probiotics Peanut Butter Crunch Cereal is a delightful bite. Without being overly sweet, the peanut butter is satisfying. More importantly, the cereal stays crunch from beginning to end.

For many people, this cereal could be an easy swap for other cereals. As a parent, the family might not even notice that you changed from another cereal.

With a busy schedule, grab and go options are always a good choice for our household. The GoodBelly Probiotics Crunchy Bars are a great choice for that afternoon snack, post workout hunger or just because. In some ways, these tasty flavors might even think that you are enjoying a sweet treat.

Available in Honey Almond Butter and Cocoa Peanut Butter, the crunchy texture makes the bars quite satisfying. It always seems that a crunch just makes you feel fuller.

The Cocoa Peanut Butter is a great option for someone who likes a little sweeter bar. In a way, this bar is an easy swap for those afternoon sugar cravings. It makes for a great snack.

As for the Honey Almond Butter bar, a tasty option is to crumble it up and put it on top of the yogurt. Adding this bar to the vanilla yogurt is quite delicious. It offers a combination of flavors and textures. It has become part of my morning, post workout routine.

The GoodBelly Probiotics yogurt is quite good. Unlike some yogurts, this variety has a smooth, creamy texture. Similar to the cereal, swapping this yogurt for other traditional options is easy. The flavors are on point.

Also, the six flavor varieties ensure that there is at least one favorite for everyone in the house. Personally, the blueberry was the big hit in this house.

All the GoodBelly Probiotics cereal, crunchy bars and yogurt are available in stores now.

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Are you ready to do some good for your belly that tastes even better? GoodBelly Probiotics cereal, crunchy bars and yogurt are waiting for you.