The Busch Family Brewed is coming to MTV (and 4 more Brew TV needs)

Photo: Busch Family Brewed Season 1 Key Art.. Image Courtesy Robby Klein, MTV
Photo: Busch Family Brewed Season 1 Key Art.. Image Courtesy Robby Klein, MTV /
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New Samuel Adams Cold Snap recipe delivers a brighter and smoother white provided by Samuel Adams /

The Boston Beer Company (best known for Samuel Adams)

What may be more interesting than the stories of family dynasties from the beer industry are the stories that come from the craft beer business. Craft beer has hit an all-time high in recent years, with The Boston Beer Company entering the market in the mid-1980s with Samuel Adams as their first brand.

Following the life of founder Jim Koch goes hand in hand with following the story of craft beer. According to a press release from The Boston Beer Company, Koch, along with others in the craft beer business, has been instrumental in the creation of the Brewers Association, the definition of craft beer, and craft beer events.  As craft beer continues to gain popularity, Koch would be able to share the story of how it has gained prominence in American culture.

Along with being the second-largest craft beer brewer, the company plenty of stories to share as they’ve grown in the last 30 plus years. They’ve helped fellow craft brewers over the years, with their Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream and LongShot American Homebrew programs, selling hops at cost during the 2008 hops shortage, and being the official beer of the Red Sox.

If that wasn’t enough, they recently merged with another American craft brewer—Dogfish Head. The two companies believe they complement each other and as a combined company will continue to push the success of craft beer well into the future.