Could we see Wendy’s breakfast beat the competition?

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Wendy’s breakfast is set to launch nationwide on March 2, 2020, but will it be enough to compete against the other brands?

Announced last year, Wendy’s breakfast menu is the latest addition to growing breakfast war. As more and more quick service restaurants see the guests wanting breakfast options, Wendy’s is looking to stake its claim on the breakfast wars. Are you going to head to Wendy’s on March 2?

To set itself apart, Wendy’s is offering its take on some breakfast staples. With fresh, hand cracked eggs on the menu, Wendy’s is hoping that its gotta have it fresh menu will be a hit. The menu it’ll include items like turning the baconator into a breakfast baconator, Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit, Frosty-cinno and seasoned potato wedges.

I can vouch for the potatoes being great as I tried the breakfast at a Wendy’s that already does breakfast. Could Wendy’s breakfast beat the others out of the water, or will it end up being a dud?

The one thing Wendy’s offers besides great food is an option to get value items, and to even get the 2 for $5 at this time of writing.  This means Wendy’s is an affordable option for people who maybe looking to eat out for lunch.

The one way I can see Wendy’s being successful will be to make sure the breakfast menu has a value menu and even possibly add a breakfast son of baconator option in the 2 for 5 dollars  deal during breakfast hours.

They also could include the biscuit sandwiches and make them a dollar a piece alongside the seasoned potatoes at a value of a dollar  for a small order. To stay ahead of the others, they should also do a breakfast all day option like McDonald’s does even if it isn’t every single item on the menu after breakfast hours. Whatever Wendy’s has planned, they best compete against McDonald’s and Burger King with the pricing of their items, or they could just take my suggestion and create a son of baconator breakfast sandwich.

Wendy’s also has the approval  of analysts supporting them roasting the others on social media, and it does get many people talking. It’s never a bad idea to get publicity, but we need to speak with our actions and not  just posting mean tweets towards McDonald’s and other brands.

I will check out the Wendy’s breakfast whenever it launches nationwide tomorrow and will give it a try yet again. I’m hoping to try the honey butter chicken sandwich with a side of seasoned potatoes and a diet Coke.

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Will you be trying out Wendy’s new breakfast menu tomorrow? Do you think Wendy’s will be successful in the breakfast war? Let us know in the comments!