Cheer for Fridays, Dunkin’ Free Donut Fridays are marching your way

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(Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images) /

Hopefully you didn’t give up donuts this Spring. Dunkin’ Free Donut Fridays have everyone cheering, including Gabi Bulter, for donuts.

Dunkin’ gives everyone another reason to say TGIF. Dunkin’ Free Donut Fridays are making this month even sweeter. If you are working for the weekend, this free donut offer makes is the perfect end to the week. Are you ready for your free donut?

Starting on Friday, March 6, Dunkin’ will offer a free donut with the purchase of any beverage to its Dunkin’s DD Perks members. The DD Perks is the Dunkin’ App. Signing up for the app is quite easy and convenient.

All Dunkin’ purchases earn members rewards. Once a member reaches 200 points, the member can redeem any size, free beverage reward. Earning free beverages is quick and easy.

The new Free Donut Fridays runs through March. Guests can choose some a variety of donuts including classics like a Boston Kreme, Strawberry Frosted with Sprinkles or even a Glazed Chocolate. Also, members can feel a wee bit lucky and choose the seasonal Lucky Shamrock Donut.

Stephanie Meltzer-Paul, VP of Digital and Loyalty Marketing, Dunkin’ U.S. “We’re always looking for new ways to show our appreciation to Dunkin’ fans and our DD Perks Rewards Program allows us celebrate them with fun and exclusive offers throughout the year.”

Reward programs are becoming more and more popular. Consumers want to feel that their purchases have value. By giving free items back to consumers, it builds loyalty. Brands understand that there is a lot of competition. Rewards can and do make a difference to consumers when they are making purchases.

To kick off  Dunkin’ Free Donut Fridays, Dunkin’ has asked everyone’s favorite cheerleader, Gabi Butler to encourage everyone to cheer for donuts. On Instagram, fans can create their own T-G-I-F-D-F cheer. With the chance to “win a year’s worth of free donuts,” those cheers better as good as those Navaro cheerleaders.

Whether you are ready to cheer or just want a free donut, make sure that your Dunkin’ Rewards App is ready. A free donut offer cannot be missed.

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Which donut would you choose for Dunkin’ Free Donut Fridays?