Spring has sprung, top Spring wines under $20

Lidl Wines Launching This Spring.. Image Courtesy Lidl
Lidl Wines Launching This Spring.. Image Courtesy Lidl /

As the season springs forward, these top Spring wines are the perfect excuse to pour another glass. Priced under $20 a bottle, why not have a second glass.

With winter slowly fading away, Spring wines are waiting to welcome the warmer weather and bright booms. Although many people might have a particular favorite wine, exploring a new wine at the start of a new season is a great choice.

Lidl always does a fabulous job of curating a variety of wines that are price conscious yet impeccable. The goal with all their wines is to fine the best quality. After tasting numerous wines, they find options that have the perfect ration of “best quality to value proposition” in the market.

Adam Lapierre, Lidl’s Master of Wine, curates all of the wines that consumers see on the company’s shelves. While he has personally tasted more than 10,000 wines, he wants to ensure that the wine’s on Lidl’s shelves encourage any and all wine drinkers to explore more options.

The overall goal with Lidl’s wine selection is to mix high quality with reasonable prices. By finding that right balance, wine drinking becomes attainable for everyone. Wine is meant to be fresh, exciting and satisfying.

Looking at Lidl’s Spring wine options, all the featured wines are well worth a sipped. Priced under $20, these wines could have both experience and newbie wine drinkers finding a new gem to keep in the wine fridge.

The Spring wines that Lidl offers are a variety of trending wines and some hidden gems. For example, the Corte Allodola Amarone della Valpolicella priced at just $19.99. Similar to its previous Barolo offering, this price point is a great value for a Amarone.

Spring Wines
Photo: Lidl Wines Launching This Spring.. Image Courtesy Lidl /

For those unfamiliar, an Amarone is generally a full bodied wine, often with a high ABV. It is often considered raisin-forward, but is low in acid. While often pricey, this version entices any wine drinker to take a sip.

All the other Lidl Spring wines are priced under $20. From the Le Petit Moulin rosé Bandol at $11.99 to a the bubbles of Domaine Le Péage cuvée tradition Gigondas at $13.99, it might be a perfect time to stock the wine fridge.

Here is all of Lidl’s Spring wines.
• Corte Allodola Amarone della Valpolicella – $19.99
• Domaine Le Péage cuvée tradition Gigondas – $13.99
• petit chablis – $9.99
• Le Petit Moulin rosé Bandol – $11.99
• gamellón roble – $6.99
• L’Ouest de Lamothe-Guignard Sauternes – $14.99
• Monte Plogar edición especial rosado Carinena -$5.99

Whether you are enjoying a brunch, a dinner with friends or just a lot of quality time relaxing at home, any of these Spring wines would deserve a taste. Given the prices, it is a perfect time to explore something new and maybe find a new favorite wine.

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What are your favorite Spring wines? Have you discovered something new that FoodSided should try?