Can’t find Lucky Charms ice cream near you? Here’s how to make your own


Lucky Charms ice cream is heading to a store near you. But with a few simple ingredients, you can make some from your own kitchen.

After months of waiting and imagining, it has finally happened. Lucky Charms ice cream officially exists, and never again will we have to wonder whether or not putting cereal in ice cream is a good idea. Cereal and ice cream always belonged together, we just didn’t know it until now.

Apparently the official Lucky Charms ice cream tastes just like Lucky Charms in milk but frozen — which is something I personally never knew I wanted until precisely this moment. What a time to be alive.

Add the extra hint of vanilla you get from the ice cream base and it’s an instant trip to flavor heaven. Even the marshmallows somehow taste better — yes, it’s possible.

This ice cream, as well as a Cinnamon Toast Crunch version, is supposed to be available at all major grocery store chains, and if you don’t see it on the shelves, you can always ask.

But there’s also no better time than now to take a box of Lucky Charms and a little magic and create your own marshmallowy frozen treat.

It turns out making your own Lucky Charms ice cream isn’t as challenging as it sounds. All it really takes is some crushed cereal combined with eggs, sugar, milk, and vanilla.

As long as you have a proper way to freeze your ice cream (and remember to save all the marshmallows) you can satisfy your cereal-flavored ice cream craving in a matter of hours.

Get the full Lucky Charms ice cream recipe and make sure you add a box of Lucky Charms to your grocery list the next time you shop in-store or online.

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If you could turn any cereal into ice cream, which would you choose? Reese’s Puffs ice cream sounds delightful right about now, but that’s just me.