Checkers & Rally’s help to give 1 million meals to No Kid Hungry

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Checkers & Rally’s is known for its people-first attitude and now it is putting No Kid Hungry by helping to provide 1 million meals to children in need.

As the U.S. is devastated by the current crisis, Checkers and Rally’s is helping to put children first. While the drive-thru restaurant chain is known for flavorful food, it is focusing people, specifically children, during these difficult times. With a recent donation, No Kid Hungry can provide meals to children who are facing food insecurity.

With schools closed and communities facing uncertain times, a food on the table is more than just nourishment. It can be a moment of normalcy for a family. It can be a time of togetherness. It can be a moment to hope for a return to normal.

For many children, even more so today, that food on the table could be missing. In some cases, the school provided meals are help those kids get through the day. When the school close, that school meal disappears.

Checkers & Rally’s decided to make a significant donation to help No Kid Hunger. The $100,000 donation will help to provided up to 1 million meals to children in need.

According to Frances Allen, Checkers & Rally’s CEO, “(Our company) is deeply committed to the nearly 900 communities we serve, and by partnering with No Kid Hungry, we are able to make a big impact toward connecting kids with nutritious meals so that no child goes hungry, We’re proud to be partnering with a campaign that does so much good for so many children and families in need.”

Even though the restaurant industry is being hard hit by today’s health crisis, chefs, restaurants and community partners are finding ways to support each other and the community as a whole. From donating food to free food offers to cash donations, everyone is doing their part.

During these trying times, any and every positive gesture is appreciated. From giving a dozen doughnuts to a healthcare workers to ordering an extra meal for your elderly neighbor, kind gestures can and do help during these difficult times.

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