Restaurant Cravings From Coast-to-Coast: Tag, You’re It!

Pines of Rome White pizza with Fontana. Photo provided by Pines of Rome
Pines of Rome White pizza with Fontana. Photo provided by Pines of Rome /

Restaurant cravings, you say? Restricted travel and mobility may be impeding everyone’s ability to both dine out and travel for the time being, but our collective imaginations are free to look ahead to brighter days.

As we continue to experience a paradigm shift in how we live our food lives, we can at least take solace in the fact that a return to our new normal is somewhere on the horizon. Until then, a myriad of restaurant cravings have filled the void.

In the interim, while we continue to lean heavily on take-out and delivery in support of neighborhood restaurants and repurposing what we have in the pantry when cooking ourselves, there’s no limit to what restaurant cravings we’re experiencing with an eye towards making those now-elusive food desires come true or at least breaking up our current monotony through fantasizing.

It’s human nature to want something exponentially more when you can’t have it, so waxing poetic about restaurant cravings is a natural reaction. If you, like us, have dining destinations in different cities, then you know exactly how we feel. And if you don’t, you’re definitely missing out, but we invite you to join us in our Restaurant Cravings!

We hope that listing some of our Restaurant Cravings will spur dining fantasies of your own and that you’ll share them with us and others.

HASHED BROWN POTATOES, JOE’S STONE CRAB (Miami Beach, FL): Go ahead, say it, “Hash browns?! Really?!”. Yup! Or as Joe’s Stone Crab calls them, hashed brown potatoes. And yes, what would seem to be a dime-a-dozen side dish is taken to such heights at Joe’s that we can safely attest that they’re the best we’ve ever had. What’s surprising is that there’s nothing unique about these perfect spuds. There’s no special sauce so to speak, no unusual ingredients, nothing out of the ordinary. They’re just perfect and we want them now!

WHITE PIZZA, PINES OF ROME (Bethesda, MD): On the now-rare occasion that we make it to the D.C. area, not only do we book a hotel that takes us as close as possible to Pines of Rome, but we find ourselves back at the restaurant on successive days. For 40 years, this garlic and fontina cheese masterpiece has enjoyed a permanent place on our Top 5 list.

BURGER, JACKSON HOLE (New York, NY): A NYC institution since the early ’70s, Jackson Hole isn’t about decor or frills, it’s about the burger and a damn good one at that. With multiple locations in the New York metro area, our allegiance lies with the one on E. 64th Street, where you can get any of 15-plus burger variations or create one of your own.

Trust us, our Restaurant Cravings far exceed the three shared here, but they should at least give this conversation a running start and compel you to weigh in with your own. Join the conversation by using #RestaurantCravings.

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Are you fantasizing about that amazing crab cake you had in Seattle once? How about that amazing Po-Boy you had in ‘Nawlins? Or maybe you’d give an eye-tooth right now for your favorite Philly Cheesesteak? Do tell! Tease us! Inform us!