Panera Grocery brings high demand pantry items to your home

Panera Bread launches Panera Grocery. Photo provided by Panera Bread
Panera Bread launches Panera Grocery. Photo provided by Panera Bread /

As the restaurant industry adapts to the current climate, Panera Grocery is a convenient way to get high demand pantry items into your home.

When your craving a Panera Bread soup or sandwich, Panera Grocery can help stock the fridge. As the restaurant industry evolves during these difficult times, the company is helping consumers source both good food and fresh ingredients. Panera is opening its pantry to its guests.

The new Panera Grocery service will help consumers purchase a variety of foods. Since some essential items can be difficult to source at traditional grocery stores, Panera is filling the gap. Why not offer the foods that people want in a convenient way?

Panera Bread is known for its wholesome food. Additionally, the brand is focused on using clean ingredients. Those food choices create flavorful dishes that many people have come to crave.

Given that people are trying to make fewer grocery trips and sometimes the grocery shelves might not be fully stocked, consumers are looking for other options. Now, Panera can be a choice for either pick-up or delivery of pantry items.

According to Niren Chaudhary, Panera CEO, “With this new service we can help deliver good food and fresh ingredients from our pantry to yours, helping provide better access to essential items that are increasingly harder to come by.”

Available to order via both the Panera app and on the Panera website, items available include milk, Greek yogurt, bagels, bread and fresh produce. These items can be added to any order. Customers can have items delivered via Grubhub, pick-up, drive-thru and drive-up.

All the Panera Grocery items are “clean-free of artificial preservatives, flavors, sweeteners and colors from artificial sources.” Just like the dishes that people enjoy from Panera, these grocery items live up to the same standards.

As everyone navigates the current climate, everyone, including companies, are doing their part. Whether it is adding grocery staples to orders to ensuring best practices for the food being made and delivered, everyone is in this situation together.

Instead of making multiple trips to fill the refrigerator and the pantry, let Panera Grocery help. Now that bowl of comforting soup comes with a side of milk for the week.

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