Sharing kindness through food is the mantra for difficult times

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During difficult times, sharing kindness through food makes an empty table feel full. Sometimes a gesture can make the world of difference.

While the world faces uncertainty, sharing kindness through food seems to be the mantra for difficult times. Even though the chairs at the table might be fewer, that food on the table can be sustenance more than just curbing a hunger. From companies to neighbors, generosity can be the positive impact to offset the despair.

From screen to screen, the sadness is all around. While moments of humor from an SNL skit or the simplicity of an animal video might bring a moment of respite, the reality is harsh. From long lines at food banks to empty restaurants, people are hurting. In many ways, that hunger is more than an empty stomach it is a want for a return to normal.

Although not everyone is in a position to donate huge sums to food banks or provide funding to farmers and restaurants, some people and companies are trying to make an impact for the better. When everyone does their part, a change can happen.

Yes, a neighbor can shop for a neighbor or a parent can send a child a box of her favorite cookies. That extra dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts can be the Saturday smile that many people need. While an individual gesture makes a difference, many companies are doing even more.

With stadiums and convention centers sitting empty, the hospitality providers are turning their resources to the community. Sodexo and Centerplate have found many wants to bring their food resources to those in need.

In Pasadena, the Pasadena Center Operating Company, Centerplate and Sodexo have joined forces to help the local community – and, at Huntington Hospital specifically, medical professionals. With numerous hours serving others, health care workers should not have to worry about grocery shopping. These health care employees can pre-order fruits and vegetables from Sodexo.

During the micro-market’s first two days, over 100 orders were placed. From using their resources to giving their time, those food bungles are a way of showing kindness through food.

With many students distance learning, Sodexo’s school dining team in Flint, Michigan is finding ways to provide to children in need. Flint Community Schools partnered with First Student and Teach Out to provided food throughout the community. Students are provided meals twice a day, breakfast and lunch.

In Kirkland, Washington, the Lake Washington School District offers Grab & Go meals. Breakfast and lunch meals can be ordered online.

While these food service providers are doing their part, many companies are using their resources to give back as well. McDonald’s has donated “$3.1 million dollars in food to support local communities.” According to Marion Gross, Chief Supply Chain Officer, North America, McDonald’s, “We’re here to serve communities – that has been our guiding compass for the past 65 years and remains at the heart of everything we do, now more than ever.”

Many quick service restaurants are giving back. From KFC donating its chicken to Taco Bell donating to No Kid Hungry, many national restaurants are finding a way to give back.

For Dr. Praeger’s, they choose to pay for the groceries of grocery store employees. Dr. Praeger’s was founded by doctors and empathizes with the front-line workers. While the doctors help care, grocery store employees help to put food on people’s tables.

Grocery store employees can send their grocery store receipts to The company is repaying up to $20,000 total in bills.

These examples are just a few of the many ways that people are sharing kindness through food. From the local restaurant providing free meals to large scale monetary donations to just the neighbor who makes an extra dinner, everyone is doing their part to nourish those in need during these difficult times.

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What are you doing to share a little kindness during these troublesome times? How are you bringing a little positive into your day?