Michael Jordan’s Restaurant creates dinner for ESPN’s The Last Dance

Filet Mignon from Michael Jordan's Steakhouse, dinner to pair with ESPN's The Last Dance. Photos provided by Michael Jordan's Restaurant
Filet Mignon from Michael Jordan's Steakhouse, dinner to pair with ESPN's The Last Dance. Photos provided by Michael Jordan's Restaurant /

As ESPN’s The Last Dance is set to premiere, Michael Jordan’s Restaurant has created the ultimate themed dinner that is the perfect pairing.

Michael Jordan and Chicago are forever intertwined. Michael Jordan’s Restaurant has become a popular Oak Brook restaurant. From its refined steaks to the classic roast chicken, the diverse menu welcomes everyone to the table.

On Sunday, April 19, The Last Dance docu-series debuts on ESPN. The ten-part series explores the Chicago Bulls’ dynasty. While sports fans will be enthralled with the inside look at the final 1997-98 championship season, that dynasty is more than just a basketball organization. The Jordan phenomenon is more than just a basketball season.

While Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse is closed due to the current crisis, this special theme dinner will be available via Tock or by calling l(630) 828-2932 from 12 p.m.- 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. If you want this special dinner for Sunday’s premiere, please order by Friday.

The special dinner will include some of the restaurant’s favorite menu items. Of course, the signature garlic bread is included. If you have never had that garlic bread with blue cheese fondue, it is definitely worth every decadent bite. Since you will be eating this appetizer at home, no one will know if you lick the plate.

Michael Jordan's Restaurant
Faroe Island Salmon from Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse, dinner to pair with ESPN’s The Last Dance. Photos provided by Michael Jordan’s Restaurant /

In addition to the garlic bread, the dinner comes with a choice of entrée. Personally, the salmon is a great choice. The layers of flavors in this dish make each bite a new experience. Also, if you would like to upgrade the dinner, the 10 oz filet or a 12 oz NY Strip is available.

In addition to the appetizer, entrée and two sides, the dinner comes with the triple chocolate brownie. That dessert makes this dinner a slam dunk. Without upgrades, the dinner is $24 per person.

Lastly, if you have kids in the house, this themed dinner is an even better restaurant deal. With each adult order, kids eat free. Kids can choose from sliders, chicken tenders or mac & cheese.

While many people are eagerly anticipating the premiere of The Last Dance, this special menu does not require you to be a basketball fan. Whether you are just craving that garlic bread or are tired of cooking, this dinner is well worth the cost.

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