A tasting trip through Cold Spring, NY: Cold Spring Depot

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Has the current climate caused a sense of wanderlust? Cold Spring Depot should be next on the travel list.

A great source of entertainment over the course of this pandemic for many people has been thinking about what they’ll do after it ends. Personally, I can’t wait to take weekend trips to visit some of my favorite restaurants, like Cold Spring Depot. It just so happens that a few of them happen to be on the same street.

Over the course of this series, I’ll take you down a (virtual) walk of Cold Spring, New York, which is 50 miles north of Manhattan, and is simply an hour and a half ride on the Metro North from Grand Central Station.

"“Must I tell you that neither the Alps nor the Appenines, nor even Aetna itself, have dimmed, in my eyes, the beauty of our Catskills.”- Thomas Cole"

When you step off of the train, you’re instantly transported to a modern-day Mayberry. If you’re feeling hungry after your journey, or if you want to grab a meal before hiking on the nearby Breakneck Ridge trail, you have to walk mere feet before arriving at the first restaurant in this restaurant series.

According to Cold Spring Depot’s website, the building was used by train passengers from 1893 until 1954. After housing a car dealership for a while, beginning in 1972, the building began to host diners who traveled from all over to enjoy the scenic small town, and the fantastic food has to offer.

While a litany of seating options is made available by the restaurant, the most authentic way to enjoy your meal is outside by the train tracks. Seated on the outdoor patio, the scene becomes even more entrancing when the Metro North speeds past your table, separated by only a few feet and a black fence.

A quick crack of the menu reveals a large selection of American craft fare that has a desirable amount of eccentrism that allows it to be the gate keeper to Cold Spring. For example, they offer nachos, but the nachos are topped with tuna poke.

The food is paired with a beverage menu that is a reflection of the brewery and winery-rich Hudson Valley. If you’re in the mood for dessert but want to fill that void with a beer, some tantalizing selections include Decadent’s Coconut Fudge Cake stout, and Shiner’s S’more Chocolate and Marshmallow ale.

Whether you want to take in passing trains as you enjoy a craft beer following a drive up to the Valley, or you need to fill your stomach following a train ride, the Cold Spring Depot is an idyllic way to begin you day in Cold Spring.

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Where do you want to visit next? Have you been to Cold Spring Depot?