ALDI Moiselle Couture Collection wines are perfect pairings for summer snacks

ALDI – Moiselle Couture Collection - Sweet Grapefruit Rose, photo provided by ALDI
ALDI – Moiselle Couture Collection - Sweet Grapefruit Rose, photo provided by ALDI /

Summer snacks deserve a refreshing wine. The ALDI Moiselle Couture Collection wines are the reasonably priced, flavorful wines that will have you ready for “snacktivities.”

Need another reason to shop at ALDI? The ALDI Moiselle Couture Collection wines are ready to kick off summer. While these three reasonably priced wines are delightful, they won’t be here for long. If you want to take a sip, it is better to grab a couple of bottles to keep in the wine fridge.

ALDI is constantly offering new products that have people running to the store to try them. From following food trends to cost-effective pricing, there is always a new reason to head to ALDI.

Over the years, the ALDI wine department has offered a variety of wine finds. From the seasonal Advent Calendar to the highly rated varietals, many of the options are just as impressive as the local wine shop.

The Moiselle Couture Collection offers three wines that are perfect for summer. The wines are a White Sangria, Sweet Grapefruit Rose and Sangria. All three flavors have different profiles. Whether you want a sweeter option or a tart refresher, one of these wines will definitely satisfy your personal palate.

Ahead of these wines hitting ALDI’s shelves, Sarah Tracey, a sommelier and found of the Lush Life blog, shared some of her recommended wine and food pairings. While these suggestions are Tracey’s, everyone should experiment with their own wine and food pairings. One of the best parts of drinking wine is enjoying it with all types of food. Sometimes it is ok to break the rules if you just like something better.

Moiselle Couture Collection White Sangria

Sometimes a bowl of chips and guacamole is the perfect snack while enjoying a warm, summer day. The White Sangria works well with chips and guacamole. If you are shopping at ALDI, Tracey recommends the Park Street Deli Pineapple Poblano Guacamole and Simple Nature Organic Blue Corn Tortilla Chips.

Tracey commented that the sweet, spicy and tangy flavors of the guacamole plays off the citrus flavors in the sangria. Personally, citrus and spice/heat is always a great combination. The brightness plays off the sweetness; it is almost like a lovely balance of ying and yang.

Moiselle Couture Collection Sweet Grapefruit Rosé

While Rosé all day can pair with almost anything, this wine is more grapefruit forward. Tracey describes this wine as “juicy” with “lush tropical fruit.”

Her recommended pairing is a crudite with the Park Street Deli Cucumber Dill Tzatziki Dip. She believed that the herbs in the dip plays off the grapefruit flavors.

Another option could be a cheese plate. Even though the grapefruit forward wine isn’t necessarily an easy cheese pairing, a cheese plate is always a good choice.

Moiselle Couture Collection Sangria

A glass of sangria is often the pairing to some tapas. Those light bites just seem to pop with the fruity red wine beverage.

In a curious twist, Tracey recommends pairing the sangria with the Park Street Deli Brownie Batter Hummus and Fresh Strawberries. Personally, I had never thought to pair a sangria with a dessert hummus but it is definitely worth a try.

For a more traditional sangria pairing, consider some bacon wrapped dates, a Spanish manchego, or even a simple chicken skewer. Since sangria is so versatile, it goes with almost anything.

With so many wine pairing options with these summer wines, it is best to stock up before these offerings disappear. At just $4.49 a bottle, these Moiselle Couture Collection wines will disappear quicker than summer vacation.

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What are your favorite summer wines? Is there a favorite wine that you always have in the house?