A tasting trip through Cold Spring, NY: Doug’s Pretty Good Pub

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. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images) /

The second stop in the series of restaurants in Cold Spring, New York is Doug’s Pretty Good Pub, which is a place that exudes blast from the past energy.

A great source of entertainment over the course of this pandemic for many people has been thinking about what they’ll do after it ends. Personally, I can’t wait to take weekend trips to visit some of my favorite restaurants. It just so happens that a few of them happen to be on the same street.

Over the course of this series, I’ll take you down a (virtual) walk of Cold Spring, New York, which is 50 miles north of Manhattan, and is simply an hour and a half ride on the Metro North from Grand Central Station.

A five-minute walk up main street brings you to the front door of Doug’s Pretty Good Pub, which greets visitors young and old with a charming brick façade on the outside. As you enter the pub, the iconic signature of the establishment always manages to draw the attention of anyone who walks past. “Voted Best Burger in Town by some guy who likes burgers.”

Once you walk into the pub, you immediately feel the sense that the pub is an ode to how things used to be. It is an intimate space, meant to bring people together over conversation of the sports that are playing on the televisions or the local beer you just tasted. And at that pub, there is plenty of local beers to sample and hold a conversation over.


For myself and my hiking companion, we were searching for something to refresh us after a hike had not only given us a large appetite, but parched us as well. This led us to select Hudson North Cider’s Standard Cider. This cider was not only refreshing, but it also went down easy because of the lower sugar content that it packs inside of each can.

The company not only makes you feel good when you drink their cider due to the delicious taste it has, but also because it devotes a portion of their profits to a good cause. For every gallon of cider they sell, 10 cents goes towards the restoration of trails in the Hudson Valley and New Jersey.

To match our cider, we ordered a tray of their Honey BBQ Wings, as well as their red onion rings. Those two menu items paired with the cider more than satisfied two energy-spent hikers, as they provided to be a well-crafted, tangy companion to the cider.

Once you’re finished, it is absolutely necessary to snap a photo in the vintage phone booth that is nestled snuggly by some tables besides some back tables. It is a quirky addition to a pub that you’ll miss the minute you walk out the door.

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Have you visited Doug’s Pretty Good Pub? What is your favorite place to visit in Cold Spring, New York?