National Wine Day happier hour with Milano Cookies and Nocking Point Wines

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Milano Cookies and Nocking Point Wines make for National Wine Day happier hour.

For many people, cookies and wine are the perfect pairing. Milano Cookies and Nocking Point Wines have created the Happier Hour Box for National Wine Day. If you ever needed an excuse to have another cookie and open a bottle of wine, this Happier Hour Box is just that reason.

Pairing cookies and wine can be a fun idea. While many people will happily enjoy a Milano Cookie with their favorite wine, some cookies work better with certain wines. Just like pairing food and wine, cookies and wine need to find complimentary foods.

Whether you are enjoying an extra glass of wine for National Wine Day or just need another reason to eat some cookies, these creative food and wine pairings are a must try.

Available on Nocking Point Wines website, the Happier Hour box features five wines that are paired with various Milano Cookies. The five wines are:

  • 2016 “Year VI” Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 2014 “Origins” Pinot Noir
  • 2018 “Basic Witch Potion No. 2” Rosé
  • 2018 “KDH” Sauvignon Blanc
  • 2018 “Loud & Clear” White Blend

Here are the suggest Milano Cookies and Nocking Point Wine pairings.

While the Happier Hour Box pairs the wines listed above with the Milano Cookies, you can substitute your own favorite, similar wine. Or even better, experiment with flavor combinations.

Orange Milano cookies and a White Blend

The blend of orange and chocolate needs a citrus forward wine. A white blend can have those forward citrus notes. Also, a touch of spice in the wine helps. Think how orange and clove work together. This pairing makes the orange pop.

Milk Chocolate Milano cookies and a  Light-bodied Red or Rosé

Who doesn’t have a bottle of rosé in the house? Since a rosé can have berry forward flavors, this pairing highlights both flavors. If you do not want to open a rosé, a lambrusco could work, too.

Double Dark Chocolate Milano cookies  and a Full-bodied Red

The Double Dark Chocolate Milano Cookies need a robust, lush red wine. A Cabernet Sauvignon is a great choice because this wine can stand up to the dark chocolate. While you do not have to match chocolate flavors, a nice harmony can be delightful.

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Milano cookies + Medium-bodied Red

A touch of sea salt on a chocolate cookie enhances the sweetness. With that touch of sweet, a Pinor Noir is a delightful choice. Many Pinor Noirs have cherry notes. That ripe cherry mimics an idea of a sweet dessert.

Raspberry Milano cookies and a Crisp White or Sparkling Wine

Dark chocolate and raspberry a classic combination and that combination deserves a classic wine. In some ways, a sparkling wine could work with almost any of these Milano Cookies and it works well with raspberry cookies.

If you prefer something different, a Sauvignon Blanc can work, too. Often a Sauv Blanc has crisp, clean flavors. Those flavors help to make the raspberry be the star of the pairing.

In some ways, Milano Cookies can go with almost any wine. Just like pairing wine with food, everyone has preferences and some rules have gone out the window. In the end, open a bottle of wine and enjoy some Milano Cookies. It is your time and your day to celebrate National Wine Day.

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How are you celebrating National Wine Day? More importantly, what is your favorite cookie and wine pairing?