Chocolate sprinkles need to be replaced with this more flavorful ice cream topping

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Isn’t it time to replace chocolate sprinkles with a more flavorful ice cream topping?

From chocolate ice cream to vanilla ice cream, chocolate sprinkles are often a popular ice cream topping. While this topping is popular, ice cream lovers are ready for a simple, tasty upgrade. Are you ready to learn this little food trick?

Sometimes a regular bowl of ice cream needs just a little more. It could be some whipped cream or maybe even a cherry. For many people sprinkles are that little extra that gives ice cream a boost.

Although there are many types of colorful sprinkles in the baking aisle, some people grab a container of chocolate sprinkles. The thought is that this topping offers chocolate flavor boost. In reality, there isn’t a lot of flavor in those sprinkles.

Sprinkles are basically sugar, corn syrup, cornstarch and food grade wax. And, the chocolate variety can include other additives. That brown color can mask a lot of other ingredients. Do you want to eat unknown ingredients?

If you are looking for a boost of chocolate flavor, another easy, tasty option is available. It might even be sitting in your pantry.

Although some people try to make their own homemade sprinkles, an easier chocolate option is available. Simply shave some chocolate on top of ice cream. By using a vegetable peeler, Microplane or just a knife, some chocolate shavings can make a big flavor difference.

Whether you use a Hershey’s chocolate, another candy bar or a block of chocolate, the options are many. It doesn’t take any more time to make your own chocolate shavings and the flavor is much better than the over-processed sprinkles.

If your ice cream is ready for a flavor upgrade, it is time to ditch those chocolate sprinkles and use some real chocolate.

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What are your favorite ice cream toppings? Do you think that you will ditch the sprinkles?