Papa John’s and Shaquille O’Neal create the ultimate pizza, a SHAQ-A-RONI

Papa John's SHAQ-A-RONI, photo provided by Papa John's
Papa John's SHAQ-A-RONI, photo provided by Papa John's /

Ready to go huge? The SHAQ-A-RONI is mega offering from Papa John’s and Shaquille O’Neal

With pizza, sometimes it is better to make a huge statement. The SHAQ-A-RONI, a special offering from Papa John’s and Shaquille O’Neal, is not just any pizza. This special pizza makes a plain pepperoni pizza seem just too standard. Can you handle this gigantic bite of pizza greatness?

With many pizza options available to pizza fans, brands need a way to set themselves apart. From innovative toppings to special partnerships, brands find ways to bring excitement back to the pizza box. This newest pizza innovation is not only fun, but it gives back to the community.

Launched today, the SHAQ-A-RONI is the largest Papa John’s slice offered by the pizza company. While some people might be able to take this big bite in stride, others might need to use a fork and knife. No judgments for which ever eating methods works.

The extra-large pizza has extra cheese and extra pepperoni. It will require a big appetite to tackle this gigantic pizza. Then again, if you get some hungry teenage boys in the room, they could eat the whole pizza in a matter of minutes.

Papa John's, SHAQ-A-RONI,
Papa John’s SHAQ-A-RONI, photo provided by Papa John’s /

While the pizza collaboration is entertaining, the purpose behind the special SHAQ-A-RONI could make everyone order one of these special pizzas. For every one of these pizzas ordered, Papa John’s will donate $1 to the Papa John’s Foundation for Building Community. This organizations helps to support communities in their willingness to “work together for equality, fairness, respect and opportunity for all.”

Since people need a little fun around the dinner table, the SHAQ-A-RONI comes with an exclusive Snapchat AR experience. Apparently, the special code on the pizza box will unlock a 3D surprise. According to Papa John’s, this Snapchat feature will be used more often in the future.

Whether you are massively hungry, want to support a good cause, or just want some pizza, consider ordering the SHAQ-A-RONI from Papa John’s and Shaquille O’Neal. Could one slice turn you into a pizza legend?

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What is your favorite pizza topping? Have you ever eaten an entire pizza by yourself?