Coconut coffee is back at 7-Eleven and that’s reason to celebrate

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The fan favorite coconut coffee is back at 7-Eleven.

Need a boost to start your day? 7-Eleven has brought back the fan favorite coconut coffee. While many people dream of taking that beach vacation, this coconut coffee brings a taste of the tropics to that caffeine boost. There might not be sand between your toes but one sip can make you think of those warm beach breezes.

Bringing back a fan favorite coffee is a smart choice for 7-Eleven. While many people wish for a sense of normal, the tropical flavor infused coffee can be a little spark to start the day. In some ways, any little treat can make a world of difference in the repetitive loop that seems to surround everyone.

Additionally, there has been a surge in people craving tropical flavors. Whether it is tropical dessert, recipes or beverages, those tropical flavors give the sense of a little escape in each sip. While it might not actually transport people to a beach vacation, it can be a break in the norm.

If the coconut coffee aroma doesn’t entice guests to make a stop, the 7-Eleven summer promotion is a great reason to make a run to America’s convenience store. 7Rewards loyalty members can receive seven FREE any size hot beverages for fountain drinks through August 9.

Whether you get all the free beverages in a row, spread them out throughout the offer or enjoy them however you wish, it is a reason to make a stop. It is hard to turn down free beverages.

Also, after you enjoy those seven free beverages, any size coffee is just $1 and Big Gulp drinks are only 49 cents for the rest of the summer. It is another reason to say oh thank heaven.

As more brands understand the importance of customer loyalty programs, these type of free beverages and other offers will continue to rise. In recent weeks and months, many brands are using their loyalty apps to reward customers with free food offers.

Given that consumers are being more conscious with their spending habits, customer loyalty programs are essential to ensuring that brands make that connection. People want to feel valued. If free beverages or food offers accomplish that sentiment, brands will continue to give them.

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Will you be enjoying a cup of coconut coffee as your free 7-Eleven beverage? What do you think of the 7Rewards loyalty program?