Wine and cheese pairings that are always on the don’t list

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Wine and cheese pairings are often delicious, unless you make this mistake.

On a leisurely afternoon, wine and cheese pairings are a lovely indulgence. While wine and cheese can be a delightful snack, more people are thinking of a cheese plate as a meal. The increased popularity of the cheese board, and all its ingredients, have turned it into a meal.

While many people try to be more adventurous in the wine and cheese options, not every wine and cheese pairing is flavor perfection. Of course, personal preferences are always important. Still, some pairings do not work for very particular reasons.

Recently, Laura Werlin, James Beard award-winning cheese author, shared some wine and cheese pairings that are her don’t list. It isn’t that certain cheeses and wines are amazing on their own but putting them together can be not the best flavor experience. Just like avoiding pineapple on pizza, some wine and cheeses need to always be socially distant.

Here are Laura Werlin’s wine and cheese pairings that should be avoided.

Red Wine and Soft Cheese

While there are many red wine varietals, red wine often has bold tannins. Although those tannins are part of the reason why that red wine is so enjoyable, it can be hard to pair with soft cheese.

Actually, that low acidity in the red wine can make soft cheese taste chalky. No one wants that beautiful cheese to taste bad.

Instead, find a full-bodied cheese like an aged cheddar. That full bodied cheese can stand up to the red wine. Plus, the tannins act like a palate cleanser which means you keep going back bite after sip and sip after bite.

Opposites do not attract

Although many people believe that opposites attract in love, but opposites do not attract in wine and cheese pairings. Simply stated, white wines go with lighter or milder cheese. Sometimes the creaminess of the cheese is accented by the fruity notes in a white wine.

If you prefer a sweeter wine like a Riesling, consider eating a asiago or a parmesan (or even eating a dish with those dishes). Or, highlight the buttery notes in an unoaked Chardonnay with a butterkase or a swiss cheese.

Find the fun, it is just wine and cheese

Whether you find the perfect pairing or make a big mistake, remember it is just wine and cheese. Consider, the ultimate indulgence of a cheese like Sartori’s Merlot BellaVitano with a Crisstante Barolo 2014. The combination of flavors and textures could change your wine and cheese experience forever.

And, when in doubt, open a bottle of bubbles. Sparkling wines work well with many cheeses. Maybe you can trade a heavy, sweet dessert for bubbles and a blue cheese. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

In the end, you know your own palate best. Even if you agree or disagree with these ideas, open a bottle of wine and enjoy some cheese. Life is about enjoying food, not complaining about it.

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What is your favorite wine and cheese pairing?