Check out this 30 count box of Reeses!

Reese’s Chocolate and Peanut Butter Lovers Cups return. Photo provided by Hershey's
Reese’s Chocolate and Peanut Butter Lovers Cups return. Photo provided by Hershey's /

A 30 count pack of Reeses candy is here and you need to buy it.

Have you ever wanted to just have all the Reeses candy right in front of you? Well with this new 30 count pack you can indulge in all the flavors!

Reeses announced that they’re set to release a 30 count box of their lovely delicious peanut butter candy. If you are a fan of their candy, and almost everybody is, you must check this out.

Now you do not need to choose between any of the flavors anymore, and this box comes with them all. Walmart’s website states that this is the “The Reeses Jackpot”, and I for sure agree that it is.

Included in the pack are:

5 Original Reese’s Cups
5 White Chocolate Reese’s Cups
5 Reese’s Big Cups
5 Reese’s Pieces Cups
5 Reese’s Pieces Candies
5 Reese’s Sticks

“Whether you’re sharing at the office or stocking your pantry with party favorites, this box is one-stop-shop for a Reese’s lover on your list!” We’re definitely adding it to our list of must-have office snacks.” is what the description says about this product.

You can pick this box up at your local Walmart for around $25, but at this time it appears the item isn’t in stock as of this writing. Check back often to see about the status on the item, or you may even be able to put in your email and get an in stock alert.

You can get them at Staples, but you’re going to pay more. It’s a whopping $40 there. The good news is that Staples will deliver it right to your home so no need to go out in shop during the pandemic.

I am for sure going to pick this up at Walmart and find this a bargain deal for the price. Despite the fact many Americans are turning to cooking at home, and  some people are trying to eat healthier, a good treat every once in a while won’t hurt! This pandemic hasn’t changed me craving a good candy bar or anything to drink be it a soda or juice.

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What is your favorite candy? Can you stop at just one piece?