Buffalo Wild Wings has your ice-cold draft beer waiting for you

(Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)
(Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images) /

It isn’t a wing craving, Buffalo Wild Wings understands that you want that draft beer.

As America’s Sports Bar, Buffalo Wild Wings understands that watching your favorite sports team, enjoying a meal with a friend or even just getting out of the house to your favorite restaurant needs a perfect beverage. Even though many people have happily enjoying a beer at home, it isn’t quite the same. Now, your ice-cold draft beer is waiting for you.

For some people, their moment of zen isn’t a bubbly brook, a scenic vista or a rolling meadow. That moment of calm, that moment of bliss comes in a perfectly poured pint. Beer drinkers just know.

With the tilt of the frosty cold pint, the beer starts to flow. As the glass is almost full, the frothy head appears. While you want to take a sip quickly, you need to wait a moment. It is not a gulp, but it isn’t just a sip. It is that slow savor that quenches the draft beer thirst.

Now, if this little frothy description doesn’t capture the moment, maybe Buffalo Wild Wings and their talented people have a better take.

Check out this video.

Sure, this video is a little tongue and cheek. No one really wants you to lick that glass. Still, the video captures some of the feelings that people are having right now.

We might be homegating, not tailgating. Still, sports are back and we’re not watching the cornhole league right now.

Restaurants are starting to return to their vibrant selves. We aren’t left to opening another bottle or can on the couch and trying to keep socially distant from the kids constant whining.

Yes, that draft beer “normal” just seems to taste even better. It isn’t that the beer recipe has changed or the temperature is colder. It is just that taste of normal. After being away from it for a while, it just satisfies in a way that you didn’t realize.

If you are ready to welcome back that draft beer, Buffalo Wild Wings is ready for you. But, let the professionals pour the pint.

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What taste of normal have you been craving?