Rejoice! “Somebody Feed Phil” returns to Netflix on 10/30!

Like a shining beacon in a storm, “Somebody Feed Phil” is returning to Netflix with Season 4 on October 30th.

It’s not an understatement to suggest that Phil Rosenthal exudes the type of warmth, humor, and joy that instantly brightens even the darkest day. And that’s just when chatting with him. But when he invites viewers along on his gastronomic travels, as he will again on Season 4 of “Somebody Feed Phil” when it premieres on October 30th, we’re all the luckier for his television largesse.

On the heels of the wildly-popular Season 3, we can only wait and wonder what destinations Phil will visit in search of great food, new friends, and majestic sights. If you’re like me, you couldn’t watch Season 3 just once and were compelled to revisit Marrakesh, Chicago, London, Seoul, and Montreal with him on multiple occasions.

Phil shared the thinking behind his choice of destinations for both Season 3 and Season 4, which is rooted in his curiosity about different cultures, love of food, and passion for people.

“I picked domestic locations more than ever before because I understand that not everyone can afford to travel overseas, but you can travel in your own country and you can travel in town even. There are ethnic restaurants a mile from where you are right now that you never tried because you were afraid that you might not like it. So what I tell these people is, let’s say there’s a Peruvian restaurant down the road, we all have a phone, we all have the internet, we go on there and see what the menu is. Oh, they have chicken and rice? I like that. Yes, you’d like that. So why don’t you go and try that there? The very worst that’s gonna happen is you’re not going to have it again because it wasn’t your favorite, but what if this is the best chicken and rice you’ve ever had?!”

“Now you’re coming back, you’re trying other things on the menu. Now you’re talking to the owner, who’s from Peru. Now you’re interested in Peru. You see the pictures on the wall. Wow! That looks beautiful. The next thing you know you’re in Machu Picchu. This can happen. Food is a great entryway into the culture. You’re taking in the culture. So it’s a great way to start. And you know, God Bless America, we are a nation of immigrants and there are so many different kinds of people all around you. Seek them out. These are not people to be afraid of, they’re people to embrace. It’s my favorite thing in life.”

Cue “A Happy Hungry Man”! October 30th can’t come soon enough!


Which Season 3 destination was your favorite? What cities are on your wish list for Season 4 of “Somebody Feed Phil”?