Give your cinnamon roll recipe an upgrade with this easy twist

Cinnamon rolls made by Cynthia Willaims.1118 Tg Homemade Buns 5
Cinnamon rolls made by Cynthia Willaims.1118 Tg Homemade Buns 5 /

A delicious cinnamon roll recipe can be reimagined in the simplest way.

As the aroma of warm spices mixed with sugar waft from the oven, that cinnamon roll recipe can awaken people from their slumber. But, a little twist on that classic breakfast food can make the comfort food feel like a whole new recipe.

Many people are craving comfort food. Those classic recipes bring back family traditions and memories. It is almost like getting a warm hug in every fork full.

Still, home cooks like to experiment in the kitchen. After months of mastering the kitchen basics or even taking their hand at baking bread, another classic recipe may not excite as it once did.

At the same time, many people do not want to stray too far outside of their comfort food zone. Those classic flavors need to deliver.

One easy twist to a classic recipe is changing how it is served. When it comes to a cinnamon roll recipe, this idea is not only simple but it ensures that everyone has their own serving, without touching another’s food.

A cinnamon roll parfait is an easy twist to the classic recipe. Whether you use a rocks glass, a parfait glass or just a shot glass for small servings, the food flavor is the same, yet the serving style is different.

By layering the dough and cream cheese icing in a parfait, people can control their preferred bite. There is no more fighting over who has the cinnamon roll with the most icing. Any parent can appreciate fewer debates at the table.

While this idea is not necessarily meant to be served warm, it is a great way to cheat with a semi-homemade meal. Store bought cinnamon rolls can be spruced up with a little extra icing, a few extra raisins or just a sprinkling of Cinnadust. The options are many.

Next time you are serving brunch or have a cinnamon roll craving consider this simple twist and serving idea. It might bring a new spark to the breakfast table.

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Do you have a simple recipe twist that brings new life to a favorite food?