DoorDash and Bubba Wallace kick off Dash to the Polls campaign

For DoorDash and Bubba Wallace, Dash to the Polls is a timely conversation.

As part of the DoorDash and Bubba Wallace partnership announced earlier this year, the Dash to the Polls sparks a conversation that needs to be had. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, the most important part of any conversation is vocalizing that opinion via a vote. Dash to the Polls looks to offer the resources to give everyone the opportunity to share their voice via their vote.

In a recent 2020 Harvard Youth Poll, “63% of Americans age 18-29 say they will “definitely be voting” in the November election, marking a substantial increase from 2016 and 2018 and putting youth turnout in November on track to match or exceed the 2008 election.” The findings are clear. People want and need their voices to be heard. The most important part is ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to place their vote.

On Friday, October 23 at 11:30 AM ET, Bubba Wallace will host conversation on his Instagram page. With the help of Crystal Carson, Vice President of Culture & Comms for When We All Vote, the event will share information and resources on various topics, including “where to vote, how to locate polling locations, (and) who’s on your local ballots.”

Additionally, at the Martinsville race on November 1st, Wallace will reveal a new paint scheme on his car. The No. 43 DoorDash Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE will feature a “VOTE” and “#DashToThePolls.”

The idea is clear. It is time for people to let their voice be heard. Although people can agree to disagree, standing behind your opinion and supporting people with your beliefs is vital. If people do not use their voices effectively, it is not the democratic process that the country was founded on.

DoorDash is doing its part to use food to support When We All Vote. Just like food reflects the great diversity in the country, this program looks to celebrate all of America’s flavors. In a nonpartisan effort, the plan is to serve meals across the country to help citizens and polls workers who are empowering people to let their voice be heard.

Lastly, DoorDash is offering $0 delivery fees on order of $15 or more on November 3, Election Day. The promo code is VOTE.

Now is not the time to sit on the couch and speak to a screen. Take a moment and let your voice be heard through the power of the vote.


How will your voice be heard?