Red Bull Watermelon returns because watermelon is an all-season flavor

Red Bull Summer Edition Mocktails - Summer Edition Watermelon Mocktail recipes Photo provided by Red Bull
Red Bull Summer Edition Mocktails - Summer Edition Watermelon Mocktail recipes Photo provided by Red Bull /

Red Bull Watermelon is back because who doesn’t love watermelon.

It might not be summer, but Red Bull Watermelon is a now a permanent flavor because watermelon always gives you wings, not just summer wings. The new flavor called Red Bull Red Edition Watermelon is rolling out to store shelves now.

While many people are drawn to seasonal flavors, there are certain tastes that transcend seasons. Watermelon is one of those flavors. Although watermelon fills summer tables, the fruit is available all year round. It doesn’t disappear once all that pumpkin spice fills store shelves.

Many people fell in love with the Red Bull Watermelon. The slightly sweet finish to the beverage is perfectly refreshing. Paired with some bright notes, the beverage is refreshing on a hot day and invigorating during the winter chill.

The watermelon flavor replaced the cranberry flavor Red Bull. Thinking about this flavor swap, it could show a change in flavor trends. While cranberries are sweet and tart, consumers might be pulling away from the tart flavor trend.

Additionally, watermelon flavors offer a lot of versatility. From an ingredient in some flavorful recipes to the star of various cocktails, watermelon is just as popular as citrus ingredients or even apple.

If you are excited about Red Bull Red Edition Watermelon, check out this beverage that could be the hit of your holidays.

Seas the Summer


  • 3-4 jicama logs
  • 6 cilantro or mint leaves
  • ½ ounce fresh lime juice
  • A pinch of salt


  • Blend on high for 20 seconds, pour into cocktail glass and top with Red Bull Red Edition Watermelon.

While this beverage is a mocktail, you could add a spirit to the mix. Almost any clear spirit would work with the flavors.

The reason why this mocktail is great for winter is the mint leaves. Just like peppermint mocha gives a burst of energy on a cold winter day, this refreshing sip could wipe away the winter dreariness.

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Are you excited for the permanent return of Red Bull Red Edition Watermelon?