Subway launches the Magic 8 Bill because Bill Belichick always has the answers

Subway Magic 8 Bill collectible, photo provided by Subway
Subway Magic 8 Bill collectible, photo provided by Subway /

Subway helps people with tough decisions thanks to Magic 8 Bill and Bill Belichick.

As part of the Subway Footlong Season, there’s a new method of making sure your next meal is a tasty one. Thanks to Bill Belichick and the Magic 8 Bill, sage advice is just a shake away.

For many people, the classic Magic 8 Ball helped to steer them in the right direction. Maybe it was avoiding that poor fashion choice. It could have been pointing them to a better movie. Just, maybe it helped them make the right choice for dinner.

With the Magic 8 Bill, people get insight from Bill Belichick. While he might not be clairvoyant, the celebrated coach has made some pretty good decisions over the years. Even if you aren’t a Patriots fan, you can appreciate that Belichick has made some really good calls.

Check out this video.

Sometimes people just need a push in the right direction. Just maybe that candid Belichick response like, “I’ll decide on game day” or “I think you already know” can be the push in the right direction. Sure, it can be hard to pick between a classic Italian and the new Frank’s RedHot menu items. Why not leave it up to the Magic 8 Bill?

Yes, the Magic 8 Bill is  fun and games. It might not make you win your fantasy league. And, it might not keep you out of the doghouse with your significant other. Still, everyone could use a little levity right now. Just, maybe not ask it about fashion. Not everyone can wear those cut off sleeves.

If you want to get one of these NFL collectibles, head to This limited-edition collectible toy is $21 and there are only 500 available. Be sure to head to the website on October 28 at 8 a.m. EST. These toys will sell out quickly.

This special promotion is part of Subway’s Footlong Season campaign. From the Deion celebration dances to footlong savings promotions, the NFL season and Subway are definitely a winning combination.

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What would you ask the Magic 8 Bill? More importantly, what are you ordering from Subway on game day?