Thanksgiving Dinner Disaster – My Goose Was Cooked!

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Cooking mishaps can happen and this Thanksgiving dinner disaster was epic.

Thanksgiving dinner is meant to be perfect, not a dinner disaster. Delicious platters of food, the tablecloth and napkins reserved for special company and candles surrounded by miniature pumpkins and colorful maple leaves. That perfection was what I had in mind the year my mother passed away and the Thanksgiving dinner torch was handed down to me, her only daughter.

That Thanksgiving I had confidence that I could make the holiday dinner very special for my recently widowed father and our family. I would cook a goose! I delved into every goose recipe I could find and I had a brand new JennAir range. What could possibly go wrong?

On Thanksgiving morning I carefully wrapped the goose in bacon, seasoned it and got my baster ready to baste the goose every half hour. This goose was going to be perfect! I preheated my new oven and popped in the goose. After one-half hour I basted my goose and all was well. Another half hour passed and I opened my oven to baste the goose. The oven was  stone-cold! I called my husband in alarm figuring he can always fix anything. He didn’t know what was wrong with the oven. So we wrapped up the goose in aluminum foil and off he went to take the goose to my father’s house in hopes that Dad would roast the bird in his oven (knowing full well that my father would not baste the goose every half an hour).

On his way to Dad’s house, I called my husband, “Honey, bring the goose back, the oven is working again!” He brought the goose back and we stuffed it in the oven. The oven worked, for about 15 minutes, then it stopped working again. We rewrapped the goose in foil and off it went back to Dad’s house.

Dad, bless his heart, did cook the goose, but by then my goose was cooked! We served it for Thanksgiving dinner, but it was dry and tasteless. Turns out something with the oven control panel had gone bad – and the warranty on the oven had just run out!  Luckily we had also ordered a turkey from a local restaurant, so we had plenty of delicious meat to enjoy that day. That was my first and last attempt at cooking a goose.

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