The 10 best and worst pies that Thanksgiving has to offer

Lemon meringue pie, pictured, Friday, May 1, 2020, at OTR Chili on Elm Street in Cincinnati.Otr Chili
Lemon meringue pie, pictured, Friday, May 1, 2020, at OTR Chili on Elm Street in Cincinnati.Otr Chili /
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pecan pie
A bittersweet chocolate pecan pie, baked by Naples Daily News reporter Andrew Atkins with the help of Sheila Varnum at her home in Naples on Monday, January 13, 2020.Ndn 0113 Ad Pie Baking 010 /

Pecan Pies are the gooey treat that you can only eat just one slice of on Thanksgiving. 

The pecan pie is the ooey-gooey treat of Thanksgiving and is a pie that can be enjoyed outside of the holiday seasons for absolutely no reason at all. Unlike most pies on Thanksgiving that are light and airy, the pecan pie is a thick dense dessert that will blow your sugar levels through the roof.

A perfect pecan pie will leave you wanting more but not being able to. This is one of the sweetest pies you can make and despite the layers and intricate textures, it’s quite easy to make. Molasses and sugars boil down into a thickened goo and then chopped roasted pecans are mixed in and the whole pecans on top! Perfection!

What makes this pie even better is that it is a great pie to make into individual pies and sometimes you may want to do just that because the sweet content of this one will have your kids bouncing off walls that no amount of tryptophan can counter.

cream pie
Coconut cream pie at Ralph’s Great Divide in the downtown area of Indianapolis.Best pies Indianapolis Ralph’s Great Divide /

Cream pies do not belong on a Thanksgiving table no matter how pretty they may be. 

Cream pies are really good and while you can put them in a nice gown or tuxedo to dress them up, they are best served chilled and that means that in most cases they really don’t belong with the traditional fall fare of a Thanksgiving dinner.

While a nicely toasted meringue makes our list as a cold favorite on Thanksgiving, cream pies are not something that would make my table coconut or other. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of work that can go into making a great cream pie, especially if you make it from scratch but do you think your guests are really going to grab a slice right after dinner? It might actually be presented to look so good, you don’t want to touch it. When my dinner plate is gone, I’m still reaching for a warm reminder of the season instead.