Chrissy Teigen and John Legend update Chex Mix recipes for the holidays

John Legend and Chrissy Teigan Legenday Muddy Buddies. Photo provided by Chex Mix
John Legend and Chrissy Teigan Legenday Muddy Buddies. Photo provided by Chex Mix /

New Chex Mix holiday recipes get a twist from Chrissy Teigen and John Legend.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are ready to celebrate the season with updated Chex Mix holiday recipes. Since the holiday season is a reason to celebrate, the non-traditional year is the perfect excuse to change up that classic holiday mix. Isn’t it time to embrace that spicy and sweet flavor?

Did you know that Original Chex Party Mix recipe dates back to the 1950s? While that classic recipe has been part of family celebrations, everyone tends to have a special twist that their family loves. From particular flavor preference to an extra secret ingredient, not all Chex Mix recipes are the same.

For many families, the Chex Party Mix recipe was the first recipe that their kids helped to make. The simplicity of the recipe allows kids to take the lead in the kitchen and family traditions are made.

That idea of family togetherness during the holidays is part of this campaign. Taylor Gessell, Marketing Communications Manager for Chex, said “We are here to bring joy to families with easy recipes and activities that will help them make the most of this holiday season and who better than Chrissy and John to share a modern take on classic recipes to remind us all of how much fun we can have together in the kitchen.”

Teigen and Legend are sharing two updated Chex Mix holiday recipes. Those recipes are Legendary Muddy Buddies and Sugar and Spice Chex Holiday Mix. Whether you make these recipes for a special holiday celebration or just enjoy them on an easy afternoon, everyone will ask to make another batch throughout the holiday season.

For Teigen, she has been a big fan of Chex Mix. From her cookbooks to her to-go last minute party snack, Chex has been a pantry staple. Teigen said, “Chex is a versatile staple that enables creativity and fun with kid-friendly recipes. My hope is these recipes inspire families to get into the kitchen together with Chex for the holidays.”

Chex Mix holiday recipes by Chrissy Teigen and John Legend
John Legend and Chrissy Teigan Legenday Muddy Buddies. Photo provided by Chex Mix /

As seen on, their updated Chex Mix holiday recipes can be made in a matter of minutes. While the flavors deliver, the focus is about having fun while making and enjoying that classic snack.

For example, the Legendary Muddy Buddies get a sweeter twist from the double chocolate and peanut butter flavors. The Sugar and Spice Chex Holiday Mix has sweetness from the vanilla coated Chex and marshmallows and salty from the pretzels and peanuts. Whether you make one or both, these recipes could become family favorites.

Plus, the new recipes could inspire some creativity in your own kitchen. The classic Chex Mix encourages people to add their own twists to the recipes. From swapping walnuts for peanuts or adding some extra heat to the seasoned Chex cereal, the possibilities are many. In a way, it could spark even more holiday fun with family.

Teigen’s and Legend’s Chex Mix holiday recipes will be featured on boxes of Corn, Rice, Wheat and Chocolate Chex boxes. More information can be found online and on socials, as well.

This holiday season put the focus on the holiday cheer. Just because the celebrations might not be traditional, it doesn’t mean that the holiday memories can’t be as bright. With a little laughter and good food, every holiday celebration will be special.

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What are your favorite Chex Mix holiday recipes? Do you have a holiday food tradition in your family?