Pepsi Spa Kit helps to calm the senses this holiday season

Pepsi Spa Kit, photo provided by Pepsi
Pepsi Spa Kit, photo provided by Pepsi /

Could a Pepsi Spa Kit be your moment of Zen for the holiday season?

Looking for a holiday gift that gives back? The Pepsi Spa Kit could be that perfect gift that will change the holiday season. Whether you need a break from the holiday chaos or are just looking to move ahead to the new year, this special Pepsi gift could the most effervescent moment that you enjoy all month long.

Over the past year, many people have tried to find ways to bring a sense of calm, discover some purpose to their lives or just make some little improvements to their daily routine. Beyond the obsession over sourdough starters and cooking, self-improvement has given people a break from the endless binge watching.

Finding ways to relax have been a priority. While many people have indulged in virtual cocktail happy hour, more people are looking for ways to relax. From DIY face masks to mediation, those few moments of solitude (especially in a busy household where everyone is always together) can be the ultimate me time.

This holiday season, the Pepsi Spa Kit might be the most coveted gift. The special, limited edition spa kit features, “an exfoliating Cola-Scented Pepsi Sugar Scrub, Refreshing Pepsi Blue Face Mask and Fizzy, Fun Pepsi Cola-Scented Bath Bomb.” This spa kit definitely brings a Pepsi moment of Zen.

For some people, finding that quiet moment to sip their Pepsi away from the cries of mom, another email notification or just the pile of dirty dishes can be their moment of calm. Still, the holiday season is about doing a little more. Sure, you have that bottle of Pepsi hidden behind a bag of Brussel sprouts so that the kids won’t find it, but this spa kit ensures that you take a moment for yourself.

Everything in the Pepsi Spa Kit has been inspired by the beverage. From the effervescent bubbles of the bath bomb to the iconic colors, it captures aspects that Pepsi fans love. And, keeping with current trends, the packaging is eco-friendly.

If you want to surprise someone with this Pepsi Spa Kit, there is only one way to get one. Simply tweet #PepsiSpa, #Sweepstakes and tag a friend. Some lucky people will get these limited edition spa kits.

This holiday season take a little time for yourself. Whether it is an at-home spa day or just a few minutes with your favorite beverage, that moment of Zen is always a gift.

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What’s your best way to unwind? Does it always include your favorite beverage?