Gordon Ramsay cooks some of the best viral food trends on Facebook

Gordon Ramsay Facebook Event, photo provided by Gordon Ramsay/Facebook
Gordon Ramsay Facebook Event, photo provided by Gordon Ramsay/Facebook /

In a live event, Gordon Ramsay cooks the best viral food trends.

Although it might not be Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay steps behind the stove to cook some of the best viral food trends from 2020. In this special Facebook live event, the Michelin-Star chef will offer his take on many foods that people have been making at home. While it might not be quite as fiery as his TikTok commentary, foodies will want to watch.

The special live cooking event on Facebook will be held on December 12 at 12 p.m. ET. While there is a fee to watch the event ($6.99), the proceeds benefit London-based Great Ormond Street Hospital.

According to the Facebook event, Ramsay will be adding his unique touch to these viral food trends. In addition, it mentions that he will be answering questions about holiday meal.

While the Facebook post doesn’t specific, Ramsay’s team shared that the special cooking event will feature “Banana Bread Pancake Cereal with a Winter Spiced Milk, a Bloody Mary Tagliatelle with Chili Shrimp and a surprise dish to set fire to the year that was 2020.” Although everyone knows that there is are a few flames in Hell’s Kitchen, the finale recipe might have some flambe element.

Looking at these recipes, it shows how viral food trends can be adapted in many ways. That simple pancake cereal can have a more nuanced flavor. Just because a recipe is trending doesn’t mean that it can’t have some creative cooking upgrades.

As many foodies wait for the Hell’s Kitchen Season 19 premiere in January 2021, this special event can be a great way to cap off all those home cooking skills learned this year. Even if you never mastered that sourdough starter, you probably made at least one loaf of banana bread.

Instead of just pushing that cooking knowledge aside, why not continue to build on those cooking techniques for 2021. You might not be ready for MasterChef, but you will be able to make a delicious meal to impress your family.

While this special Ramsay Facebook event will be filled with foodies hoping to pick up food tips and tricks from the culinary expert, it will be food entertainment. Ramsay is never afraid to speak his mind. Hopefully, attendees are ready for his expert commentary.

Even if you don’t know a sauté pan from a Dutch oven, the Gordon Ramsay Facebook event will be entertaining to watch and it is a donation to a charity. Skip watching another football game this Sunday and tune in.

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Are you excited to watch the special Gordon Ramsay cooking demo on Facebook? What cooking advice would you ask the chef?