Are you ready to adopt the CRUNCH Lifestyle?

CRUNCHing Lifestyle kit, photo provided by CRUNCH
CRUNCHing Lifestyle kit, photo provided by CRUNCH /

Call it CRUNCHing or the CRUNCH lifestyle, it could make your day a little happier.

Have you started CRUNCHing? While some people are ready to adopt the CRUNCH lifestyle, it might be time to embrace this new food trend. Although life can be complicated, simple pleasures can bring happiness. Doesn’t your day need a little bright spot?

Did you know that chocolate melts at the same temperature as your core body temperature? Although that fact might seem unreal, it is one of the reasons why people just love chocolate. Yes, there is a scientific reason why people are drawn to that chocolate bar.

While people might be drawn to chocolate, it doesn’t mean that it is a magic wand. Sure, a candy bar can make you feel less stressed for a little while. Or, could there be a hidden secret that really makes life better with more chocolate? Could it be CRUNCHing?

What is CRUNCHing? Some people might call it the CRUNCH lifestyle, some people might call it sweet happiness in the day, and others just might call it a moment to laugh. No matter what, don’t we all need a little humor right now?

Silvia Borla, vice president of marketing, Ferrero Chocolate Brands, said, “With CRUNCHing, we wanted to return to our brand’s roots in a playful way by introducing a humorous campaign that demonstrates how everyone, everywhere, can enjoy the taste of a CRUNCH bar and join this new lifestyle and light-hearted state of mind by simply unwrapping and eating a CRUNCH bar,”

While these videos are tongue and cheek, they do have a real point. Sometimes life’s simple moments need to be celebrated. Sure, not everything goes as people plan. There are highs and lows. But, enjoying a tasty chocolate bar does bring smiles. Why not unwrap a CRUNCH bar and focus on something positive for a few moments.

Starting today, CRUNCH is dropping free CRUNCHing starter kits. Available at CRUNCHING.BAR, while supplies last, the kit included a CRUNCH bar, a box of Buncha CRUNCH and a guide to the CRUNCHING lifestyle. These kits will be available on various dates including, today, Dec. 28, Jan. 11 and Jan. 18 at 12 p.m. ET.

Even if you haven’t had the best year, maybe it is time to focus on a different perspective. The CRUNCH lifestyle might not make you famous or uber rich, but it will make your day a little sweeter.

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What little things bring you joy during the day?