Impractical Jokers Dinner Party welcomes Mariano Rivera to the table, exclusive clip

Impractical Jokers promotional photo, photo provided by Impractical Jokes
Impractical Jokers promotional photo, photo provided by Impractical Jokes /

Pull up a chair to Impractical Jokers Dinner Party with Mariano Rivera.

On Impractical Jokers Dinner Party, The Tenderloins, otherwise known as Sal, Joe, Q and Murr, share the their humorous takes on a variety of subjects. In the upcoming episode, New York Yankees great, Mariano Rivera, joins the guys’ dinner table.

Sometimes the most interesting conversations happen at the dinner table. As many chefs and food lovers have said, food is the universal language. People from different backgrounds can find a way to come together in ways that they could have never imagined.

At the same time, that dinner table is often the place where people feel safe to say what’s on their mind. Although no one wants to hear Aunt Edna ask, again, why you aren’t married, there is a sense of ease. And, if you don’t want to answer that question, just stuff your face with another bite.

As seen in the Impractical Jokers Dinner Party, the guys have very spirited conversations on the show. Even though the scenario is different from their other show, it is the escapism that people need right now.

FoodSided has an exclusive clip to share from this episode featuring Mariano Rivera. In this episode, the guys take on artistic food and guilty pleasures. Are they really Impractical Painters?

While the clip shows just a glimpse of the spirited banter, one aspect is a scenario that many people can appreciate. Have you ever set food on a table and totally messed it up?

Who hasn’t had that moment where you forget which burger was more cooked than the other? How about that time when the whole plate was brown food? Is brown food ever appetizing? What about the popularity of the “smear” on the plate? Is that intentional or a mistake?

Again, this clip shows the universality of food. Granted, most people have never sat down at the table with Mariano Rivera and talked about the Yankees storied history. Still, we can relate to the time where we looked at a plate and said, what is that?

For foodies who are watching, a bigger question is why are people cooking steaks to well done? Hopefully the guys get to the bottom of why the Sandman cooks his steak like that. Other cooking and food commentary will surely come to the table.

Since the Rivera judges all the guys’ dishes, it will be curious to see his criteria. Is it just the visual or something more? Truthfully, the visual is the enticement to taste the dish.

According to the promotions, this week’s episode is all about guilty pleasures. After the steak commentary, it begs the question, what other guilty pleasures will be on the table. Knowing these guys, the food will probably be an unlikely mix. Could it be possible that one person’s guilty pleasure is another person’s every day food?

Personally, the word guilty needs to be banished from the food dictionary. Life is too short to feel guilty about enjoying food.

If you are ready to grab a plate, enjoy a few laughs and see the whole Impractical Jokers Dinner Party episode with Mariano Rivera, tune into TruTV at January 14 at 10 p.m. ET.

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Who would you want to come to your dinner party? More importantly, what’s the best food for a dinner party?