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Flaunt Your Fiber recipes, photo provided by Fiber One
Flaunt Your Fiber recipes, photo provided by Fiber One /

After one bite, you might be surprised with these Flaunt Your Fiber recipes.

It is time to rethink those fiber recipes for National Fiber Month. With the help of Regan Miller Jones, RD, these Flaunt Your Fiber recipes, in partnership with Fiber One, could become the healthy eating food resolution that lasts all year long. When recipes are flavorful and good for your balanced lifestyle, everyone will want to get into the kitchen and get cooking.

Although many people understand that fiber is important to a healthy eating, balanced lifestyle, some people might not appreciate the various ways of incorporating more fiber into a meal. While a salad is always an option, it isn’t the only food that is fiber rich. From muffins to even a bowl of chili, boosting the fiber in recipes is easier than you think.

Recently, FoodSided spoke with  Regan Miller Jones, RD. Jones, who  is working with Fiber One, about  some Flaunt Your Fiber recipes that are easy and flavorful. In some ways, many people will be excited to eat more fiber.

Jones spoke about the benefits of adding fiber to a balanced lifestyle. Jones said, “There are SO many health benefits to fiber! If I had to pick one favorite nutrient, it would be fiber. First, fiber helps regulate bowel movements. Better bathroom visits may not be a popular topic of conversation, but they are key to feeling your best, day in and day out. A healthy gut, we now know, is a crucial part of overall health. But the benefits don’t end there. Research also suggests that people who have a higher intake of fiber tend to have healthier body weights.”

Even though there are many benefits to fiber, some people have labeled fiber rich foods as “have to” food versus a “want to” food. For Jones, she believes that people can change their mindset.

Jones said, “It’s all about the company your fiber keeps. For example, think about pairing a high-fiber cereal with blueberries, raspberries and yogurt in a parfait, or even blending high-fiber cereal into a dessert like I did with these Fig-Pecan Fiber One Scones in honor of National Fiber Month. I also love pairing black beans with taco meat on taco night to automatically boost the fiber in a family-friendly, great-tasting meal. “

In some ways, adding fiber to favorite recipes is easy. For example, many pantry options that can be transformed in creative ways. Given how more people have become comfortable with cooking and being in the kitchen, there are some easy ways to boost the fiber in common recipes.

Jones said, “You can use, for example, a high-fiber cereal like Fiber One Original in place of some flour in baking or, when crushed, as a substitute for bread crumbs when used as a binder in meatballs or a topping for a family-friendly casserole. Once you begin to look for ways to boost the fiber in your everyday recipes, you’ll find that it’s easier than you think!”

This type of thinking is the new normal for many home cooks. People want multi-use food options. In some ways, that cereal is more than just breakfast.

For Jones, stocking the pantry with fiber rich foods is easy. Jones said, “High-fiber cereals, whole-grain oats, high-fiber crackers, canned beans, quinoa and whole grain pastas are all pantry staples I keep on hand to give my meals and snacks a fiber boost.”

While a new year often brings a commitment to or a focus on healthy eating, it isn’t just a one month experiment. While that concept holds much excitement at first blush, sometimes that commitment can start to falter.

Jones offered this commentary. “I actually think one of the main reasons the good intentions of the New Year fall away isn’t as much boredom as it is a lack of planning and a perceived lack of time to “eat healthy.” Think about it. We come back from the holidays after a week or so off and are able to stock our pantry, work at perhaps a slightly slower pace and we feel empowered to make good choices! Then life happens, we get busy and the pantry is bare. That’s when healthy eating flies out the window. The key – I believe – is in setting aside a few minutes every single week to 1) take stock of what’s in your pantry and fridge 2) see what meals you know you can make from those foods and 3) make out a grocery list to fill in the gaps. Then, add to that list the “must have” keep it on hand items that ensure healthy eating. I always have canned beans on hand, whole grain pastas, high-fiber cereal and frozen veggies. This way, I’m never at a loss to make a meal that has a good source of fiber.”

Still, Jones wants people to re-set the expectations. It isn’t about labels or perfection. In some ways, her approach is one that can set anyone up for a balanced lifestyle.

Jones said, “I’d love to ditch the idea of cheat days because it implies that we have to eat “perfect” most of the time and if we don’t we’re “cheating” ourselves. Your everyday diet doesn’t have to be perfect! But adopting a mindset that eating mostly healthy, most of the time, and being okay with indulgences, is absolutely key to embracing a healthy lifestyle you can live with.”

With that advice in mind, the idea of taking away the labels and focusing on the bigger picture seems to be the success to a healthy eating, balanced lifestyle. Finding what is right for yourself is always important. And, a little extra fiber in that balanced lifestyle can be a good thing.

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What is your advice for a balanced lifestyle? Are you ready to try some Flaunt Your Fiber recipes?