Chef Lamar Moore thinks sliders are the ultimate football food

Chef Lamar Moore,- recipes - photo provided by Beef, It's What's for Dinner
Chef Lamar Moore,- recipes - photo provided by Beef, It's What's for Dinner /

Whether it is the big game or just football Sunday, Chef Lamar Moore knows that sliders are and will always be the ultimate football food. While some people will recognize Chef Moore from his appearances on Food Network shows like Vegas Prize Fight, the talented and thoughtful chef has a long list of accomplishments on his cooking pedigree.

Through this collaboration with Beef, It’s What for Dinner, Chef Moore is offering some suggestions for recipes to make for the big game (or just because you enjoy a tasty beef-centric meal). One of his recipe suggestion is beef sliders with shrimp and white cheddar fondue on an onion roll. While that recipe might be a mouthful, it really exemplifies why a slider is that classic food that everyone loves.

Recently, I spoke with Chef Moore about some tasty beef recipes for the big game. Although we might pull for different teams in the Bears versus Packers rivalry, we do agree that a slider can be the most popular dish on a gameday spread.

Chef Lamar Moore shows that sliders are all about food versatility.

For this particular recipe, the beef sliders with shrimp and white cheddar fondue on an onion roll, Chef Moore was inspired by the food that he had in his refrigerator. During our conversation he mentioned that he was inspired by some leftover shrimp alfredo to create this surf and turf slider.

Although far from shrimp alfredo on top of a slider, this recipe shows the home cook that favorite flavors can be interpreted in many ways. This recipe has a little thicker sauce, but the connection is there. It is all about embracing a little creativity when cooking.

Chef Moore shared that even his recipe can be changed to suit anyone’s flavor preferences. From swapping lobster for shrimp or changing the cheese, the variations make each recipe version a new experience.

One of the main reasons why Chef Moore loves sliders as a football food is that they easily work on a big platter. The home cook can make a bunch and everyone can grab one as they see fit. Whether served during the first quarter or at halftime, everyone can enjoy one or several as they please.

Additionally, he likes serving sliders because they are smaller sized. People don’t think that they are eating a big meal. In some ways, that snackable aspect keeps people coming back for more.

While the slider is often a popular football food, there are some tricks to elevating your beef game. For Chef Moore, he prefers to season both sides of the slider, not necessarily the ground meat. He believes that seasoning the outside helps with the perfect sear and makes for a flavorful slider.

One of the most important tips that he shared was a reminder to let your beef rest before cooking it. While many people know to avoid over-mixing the ground chuck, letting the meat sit in the refrigerator for a little while before cooking is important. It allows all the fats and flavors to gel before that sizzle on the grill or in the cast iron pan happens.

Also, he is a fan of basting that slider in butter. If using a cast iron pan to cook the slider, don’t be afraid of a little extra butter. It can help with a great sear and adds another layer of flavor.

Whether you  borrow the beef sliders with shrimp and white cheddar fondue on an onion roll from Chef Lamar Moore, a simple beef slider on a potato roll or an over the top creation from your culinary imagination, everyone will be excited to enjoy some sliders for the big game or for any dinner.

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Do you have a go-to beef sliders recipe? Do you have a special cooking tip to share?