Shoe Surgeon and Chips Ahoy give everyone a taste of creativity

Chips Ahoy & Shoe Surgeon, photo provided by Chips Ahoy
Chips Ahoy & Shoe Surgeon, photo provided by Chips Ahoy /

While Chips Ahoy might be a favorite chocolate chip cookie, the Shoe Surgeon is ready to add some stylish creativity to Chip’s wardrobe. In this new collaboration, Chip, the cookie mascot, will encourage everyone to embrace their creativity. Could Chip be wearing the next sneakerhead must have fashion?

Food and culture often go hand in hand. While chefs often create art on a plate, many food companies are embracing partnerships that expand the conversation beyond the flavor in that perfect bite.

The collaboration between Chips Ahoy and the Shoe Surgeon, Dominic Ciambrone, is even more than just a fun promotion that gives chocolate chip cookie fans a voice in a creative endeavor. It is a time to open the discussion about letting yourself be free to explore that creative side.

Why are the Shoe Surgeon and Chips Ahoy collaborating?

Many sneakerheads will instantly recognize the name the Shoe Surgeon, Dominic Ciambrone. The talented artist and entrepreneur has captivated fashionistas and pop culture with his innovative approach to sneaker design. By deconstructing popular sneakers and re-imagining the look in visually impressive ways, celebrities, sneakerheads and brands have taken notice.

Chips Ahoy partnered with Ciambrone to create a special pair of sneakers for its brand character, Chip. Through the website,, everyone can voice their opinion on some of the elements for the final design. While not exactly crowdsourcing the final look, Ciambrone will draw inspiration from the fans’ favorite elements.

Chips Ahoy Shoe Surgeon create special sneakers for Chip,
Chips Ahoy & Shoe Surgeon create special sneakers for Chip, photo provided by Chips Ahoy /

Although many people will be excited to join in the creative process, another element makes this partnership even more exciting. Ciambrone will host “virtual workshop with 10 teens from Boys & Girls Clubs to create the exclusive Chips Ahoy! Sneaker.” In addition, every entry via the website will donate “$5 up to $20,000, to Boys & Girls Clubs of America.”

Ahead of this announcement, FoodSided spoke to Ciambrone about this collaboration, where he draws inspiration and his favorite way to enjoy some Chips Ahoy cookies.

Shoe Surgeon believes people should have a creative outlet.

Growing up, little children tend to be uninhibited with their visuals. From coloring outside the lines to non-traditional color combinations, there are no rules when it comes to their creations.

For Ciambrone, finding his creative outlet has been a way to balance the many stimuli that come with daily life. He believes that “creativity is needed in every day life.” For him, “creativity is a way to get the stimulus out of his head” in a productive way.

Especially with this Boys & Girls Club partnership, Ciambrone believes that kids need to “embrace the process” and just “get out of their heads.” Even though he has been at this endeavor for 15 years, he has to sometimes be less hard on himself.

In a candid moment, Ciambrone shared that everyone needs to be “less hard on themselves.” He believes that “perfection is truly unattainable.” But perfection is not the goal, it is about letting the creative process evolve and be an expression for yourself.

Although not the exactly the same, there is a thought thread that connects the idea of using fashion as a personal expression. While there are some people who would panic over dirt on their custom made sneakers, Ciambrone thinks that those unexpected moments can make that wearable art even more special.

Recalling stories of a pair of shoes with dirt from a great hike or spilled mustard from a Dodgers game, those marks instantly bring back those great memories. Just like a favorite food flavor can bring back to a special moment around the table, those visual cues can transport a person back to that special memory from a seat in a baseball stadium.

Ciambrone made the analogy that shoes keep people “grounded to the Earth” and that “connection to the universe” tell our story. Just like every design might not be perfection, it is the journey that is the ultimate reward.

In some ways, this brand partnership and the classes with the Boys & Girls Club are about encouraging kids to look to a creative outlet as part of their personal journey. From triumphant moments to coming out from a dark tunnel, the ability to channel those emotions in a creative way can be beneficial.

Even with this Chips Ahoy event, simply voting a personal opinion on a preferred color or style can be that first step to embracing the creative side. Being strong in a conviction, even it if it just a color preference, is another step on that journey.

Since this collaboration involves everyone’s favorite chocolate chip cookie, Ciambrone was gracious enough to share his favorite way of enjoying a Chips Ahoy cookie. For him, he puts a couple of cookies in a bowl, sprinkles them with milk, and heats them in the microwave. If you haven’t tried this particular cookie eating approach, it is definitely worth a bite.

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For more information on how to vote for Chips new sneakers in collaboration with the Shoe Surgeon, please visit To learn more about a Boys & Girls Club in your area, please visit

Are you ready to embrace your creative side? Could a plate of Chips Ahoy and a glass of milk inspire you?