M&M’S Store brings the sweetest experience to Disney Springs

M&M's Store at Disney Springs, photo provided by M&M's
M&M's Store at Disney Springs, photo provided by M&M's /

As the bright yellow M&M beckons, the M&M’S Store delights guests at Disney Springs with its colorful and sweet offerings. Adding to the magical moments at Disney, the 10,000 square foot store is considered a state of the art location for the Mars Wrigley brand and offers unique experiences. Are you ready to step into that vibrant world?

Disney Springs is the food and shopping destination on Disney property. From shopping for the perfect Disney themed gift to enjoying a delicious meal with friends to just strolling around the property, spending a day strolling the outdoor venue is delightful.

Located on the West Side near City Works and Splitsville, the M&M’S location is a co-branded offering from Mars Wrigley and Disney. In addition to the classic colorful M&M’S merchandise,  unique, location specific offerings are special to this location.

From Mickey candies to branded items, the collaboration is confectionery magic. Even without stepping into a theme park, those sweet treats are perfect gifts for the Disney fan. Whether you purchase a Mickey shaped container filled with M&M’s or snuggle with a soft blank for that next movie night, the options are many.

One of the special experiences includes making customized M&M’S candies on site. From a picture of Cinderella’s Castle to Mickey to even personalized text, it is the ultimate souvenir for Disney fans.

Why bring the M&M’S Store to Disney Springs?

While many people grab a bag of their favorite candy from a retail store checkout, the M&M’S Stores are quite different. Other locations include New York City, Las Vegas, London, and additional locations, like Mall of America are opening soon. Each location celebrates the candy brand in its own unique way.

Patrick McIntyre, Director of Global Retail at Mars Retail Group, said “M&M’S brings more smiles across generations and connects people around the world. Choosing culturally vibrant locations for our new stores” is important for the brand and keeps fans excited and engaged.

These types of stores showcase that M&M’S are a way that many people celebrate. From picking their favorite colored candy from the color wall to creating personalized candies to wearing a particular color because they relate to that M&M’S colored character, it shows that a candy brand can be more than just a snack. It is an expression of their personality. That sweet treat not only brings a smile but creates a memorable moment.

The M&M’S Store at Disney Springs is open now. If are not in the Orlando area, virtual tours are available on MMS.com. During the virtual viewing, guests can see and purchase merchandise.

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What is your favorite M&M’S color? What would you say on your personalized M&M’S candies?