There’s a new frozen pizza bite and our ‘Snow Days’ just got better

Snow Days Pizza, photo provided by Snow Days Pizza
Snow Days Pizza, photo provided by Snow Days Pizza /

The most magical thing about winter, snow days! It’s the day you anticipate most as a kid because it’s a day filled with freedom to do absolutely nothing. No school, extra sleep, endless TV, snacks all day and pulling out whatever frozen food from your freezer to pop in the oven (or air fryer).

Well, snow days are getting an upgrade with NEW frozen pizza bites from a brand named, Snow Days! How fitting!

Who is Snow Days? 

Snow Days is a delicious, organic frozen pizza bite with better ingredients, “good fat”, clean carbs, and no regrets.

“If you walk down the frozen food aisle in your local grocery store, you’ll likely be disappointed in what you bring home”, said founder Jason Karp. “Most frozen food options are highly processed and contain unwanted added sugars, cheap industrial oils, and are low quality with fake ingredients.”

With Snow Days, they wanted to capture the “snow day” kid feeling — the joy and unrestricted freedom — and match that with how their pizza bites will make you feel when you are eating them.

Snow Days is kicking off the launch of their brand with organic, grain-free pizza bites available in everyone’s favorite flavor: cheese pizza! And we know how much America loves pizza.

Snow Days frozen pizza bites
Snow Days Pizza Bites, photo provided by Snow Days Pizza /

The pizza bites have seven different fruit and vegetables. 

At 230 calories per serving, each bites includes sweet potatoes, bell peppers, spinach, carrots, and even, apples — along with the classic italian flavors of tomato, onions and olive oil.

Snow Days wanted to make sure that everything on the label consumers could recognize and easily pronounce, keeping true to their promise of being the cleanest frozen pizza option available.

It’s also an added bonus for parents looking to sneak some veggies into their kids favorite meal.

How is Snow Days frozen pizza better for you?

Snow Days takes their ingredients seriously and makes their product with only what you can find in nature.

They use organically farmed ingredients that are also grain-free, packed with veggies and made with olive oil and no seed or highly-processed oils, like canola oil.

It was very important for them to not sacrifice on taste, so they use sustainably-raised and grass-fed cheese and cassava flour to make the pizza bites grain and gluten-free.

Their pizza bites contain no added sugars, no grains, no preservatives and no fake lab-created ingredients.

Snow Days Pizza Bites are a healthy pizza alternative
Snow Days Pizza bites, photo provided by Snow Days Pizza /

In case you didn’t realize, you can stock up on Snow Days all year round. 

While Snow Days can’t be found at your local grocery store, you can place an online order at

A 24oz (2 pack, or 40 bites) of the pizza bites is priced at $35, while the 48oz (4 pack, or 80 bites) can be bought for $65.

Two servings of Snow Days is a full adult meal, so for roughly $8 you can get a veggie-packed, convenient meal with 20g of protein.

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Are you willing to give your snow day a little health kick?