Halo Top introduces low calorie Fruit-Pops for the first time ever

Halo Top Fruit Bars, photo provided by Halo Top
Halo Top Fruit Bars, photo provided by Halo Top /

Halo Top fans, the healthy ice cream brand has a new treat for you: Halo Top Fruit Pops! Out of all the low-calorie ice cream brands out there, Halo Top is still among the most popular so there is no doubt these Fruit Pops will live up to the expectations.

Halo Top is releasing a brand-new line of Fruit Pops made with 100% real fruit and fruit juice. This is the dessert-maker’s first fruit-based frozen treat. Who said that healthy eating is hard?

The Halo Top Fruit Pops are low in calories starting at just 35 calories and available in five refreshing flavors including Strawberry, Coconut, Lime, Mango and Pineapple. Really making us wish we were on a tropical island right about now.

Here’s what we know about the Halo Top Fruit Pops flavors.

  • Strawberry (40 calories): Made with real strawberries and fruit juice for a tart and sweet, better-for-you treat.
  • Coconut (90 calories): Made from real coconut cream, these pops offer nutty, sweet flavor and a creamy texture.
  • Lime (35 calories): Limes and fresh lime juice deliver a sweet and tangy burst of flavor in each pop.
  • Mango (45 calories): Made with real mango and mango juice, this flavor is a refreshingly sweet and citrusy dessert you can feel good about eating.
  • Pineapple (40 calories): Transport yourself to a private island with a lively tropical punch of flavor thanks to real pineapple and fruit juice.

Whether you’re heading to your backyard to soak up some sun or taking a stroll down the block, Halo Top’s new Fruit Pops are tasty treats with up to 65% less sugar than other fruit bars in the frozen aisle.

You can get your hands on these new Halo Top Fruit Pops starting now as they are available nationwide. At just $4.70, the Fruit Pops come 6 to a box and are ideal if you’re the type of person looking for small better-for-you bite sized frozen treat. Check the “Where to Buy” tab on www.halotop.com to locate a product near you.

Halo Top also offers something for everyone in pint and pop form including dairy, dairy-free and even keto friendly options.

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Is healthy ice cream part of your lifestyle? Are you always looking for another healthy eating dessert?