Ocean Spray Wave is a sparkling refreshing beverage

Ocean Spray Wave, Caffeinated Sparkling Water with Real Fruit Juice, photo provided by Ocean Spray
Ocean Spray Wave, Caffeinated Sparkling Water with Real Fruit Juice, photo provided by Ocean Spray /

It is time to ride a new wave of refreshment with Ocean Spray Wave. The latest offering from Ocean Spray blends a splash of real fruit juice with a naturally caffeinated sparkling water. With Ocean Spray riding high after its Dreams Challenge, this new beverage could continue that momentum. Are you ready to pop open a can?

One of the biggest beverage trends has been caffeinated sparkling water. From well-known brands to newer upstarts, that bubbly water is boosted with a little extra kick. Sometimes the refreshing beverage is a nice alternative to high sugar drink options.

The new Ocean Spray Wave takes its own approach to this beverage segment. Given the popularity of the iconic juice brand, it makes sense that this sparkling beverage has a hint of that real fruit juice. In some ways, this beverage option can offer a healthier option compared to other sugary beverages.

As Kim McAllister, Director of Innovation at Ocean Spray said, “Ocean Spray Wave bridges the gap for consumers who want a lightly caffeinated option – with the convenience and flavor of soda – but without the added sugars.” Some consumers are looking to be conscious about the amount of sugar that they are consuming. While water has its role, some people prefer a beverage with additional flavor but still fits into their lifestyle choices.

What are the new flavors of Ocean Spray Wave?

Since flavor often drives a purchase, the newest Ocean Spray beverage is available in four flavors. They are Strawberry & Lemon, Mango & Passionfruit, Mandarin & Blackberry, and Cranberry & Pineapple.

Looking at the four flavors, it is interesting that cranberry is only included in one option. Given that Ocean Spray is often associated with cranberry, it is surprising that this fruit flavor doesn’t weave its way into more beverages.

At the same time, the other flavor combinations add some excitement to the beverage launch. Where the Strawberry & Lemon is a traditional combination, the Mango & Passionfruit shows the changes in flavor preferences. A few years ago, passionfruit would not have as prominent. This option shows that consumers are gravitating towards tropical flavors.

Each beverage contains “real fruit juice and 50mg of naturally sourced caffeine from black tea.” While the caffeine is sourced from black tea, the fruit flavors are the focus. This beverage is not a tea, rather it is a fruit forward sparkling water.

If this new Ocean Spray beverage sparks a thirst that needs to be quenched, the only place where you can find it is Walmart. Available both in stores and online, an 8-pack has a suggested retail price of $4.98.

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Are you ready to ride a new wave of refreshment? Ocean Spray Wave is here to satisfy that thirst.

What do you think of the new caffeinated beverage trend? Are you excited to try this new beverage?