Laughing Cow Cheese celebrates a century with a special birthday cake

Laughing Cow celebrating 100 years with a special Daisy Cakes cake, photo provided by Laughing Cow
Laughing Cow celebrating 100 years with a special Daisy Cakes cake, photo provided by Laughing Cow /

While the Laughing Cow Cheese is always the perfect snacking cheese, the brand is looking beyond the snack hour to celebrate a momentous occasion in its history. Turning 100 years old is a special occasion and the favorite cheese company is stepping beyond the typical wedge. Ready for a slice of cake to celebrate?

As the part of  the Laughing Cow’s 100th anniversary celebration, the brand has partnered with the fabulous Daisy Cakes on a special, limited edition red velvet cake. But, this cake is no ordinary cake. The luscious cream cheese frosting is made with Laughing Cow Cheese.

If you haven’t used this cheese in a cream cheese icing, it is time to discover the tangy delicious flavor that this cheese provides. While the Daisy Cake version is cream cheese icing at its perfection, home bakers can try their hand at sweet idea. There are a variety of recipes available.

If you aren’t familiar with Daisy Cakes, the popular cake brand draws inspiration from its southern roots and family recipes. Since not everyone’s grandmother bakes, these cakes are definitely slices of love.

As part of the big celebration, the Laughing Cow celebratory red velvet cake will be available starting on March 11 at 12 p.m. EST via In a nod to the brand’s founding year, the cake is just $19.21.

How many ways can you celebrate Laughing Cow Cheese turning 100?

One of the reasons why this brand has resonated with consumers is because it is more than just another conveniently packaged cheese. As Zach Fatla, The Laughing Cow USA Brand Director said, “Inspiring people to choose to laugh at life brings people together, which has been at the core of The Laughing Cow brand for the past 100 years.” Whether the packaging makes you smile or you crave that flavor, this brand has become part of the food culture.

While the birthday celebration is transforming the special packaging, this occasion could be a time to both discover and rediscover the brand’s offerings. For example, everyone knows the wedges but re-imagined Laughing Cow and Go Cups are perfect for snacking. The creamy, dippable cheese allows everyone to play with their food. That aspect always brings a smile.

The Laughing Cow and Go Cups show the brand’s commitment to convenience. Whether it is the school lunch box, family outing or that easy to grab snack from the fridge, families want brands that they can trust in a format that they can use. These Go Cups are that perfect blend.

On the other hand, Laughing Cow is willing to push the flavor envelope and embrace food trends. As seen with the launch of the Blends line, the flavors embrace bolder options. The combination of herbs, spices and plant based ingredients, the cheese becomes even more craveable.

Whether eaten directly from the package, served with crackers or even added to a salad, the options for the blends line are many. Basically, any occasion can be made tastier with a Laughing Cow Cheese.

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Few brands can celebrate 100 years of satisfying customers with delicious cheese and a welcoming smile. Wonder what the next 100 years will bring for the Laughing Cow Cheese?