Perrier Now Makes an Energy Drink and You Can Taste it for FREE

Perrier Energize,, photo provided by Perrier
Perrier Energize,, photo provided by Perrier /

We’re all aware of Perrier. It’s the elegant French brand of natural mineral water captured in a green, distinctive shaped bottle. You can’t miss it! The carbonated brand is ‘spinning the bottle’ in a new direction with the launch of its energy drink – Perrier Energize.

The all-new Perrier Energize is a perfect pick-me-up just in time for a day we could all use it –Daylight Savings Time (March 14).

Powered by organic plant-based caffeine, Perrier Energize offers the added boost you need as we spring forward. Whether you need the energy bump to cope with the loss of one-hour sleep or you simply need a little push in the afternoon slump, Perrier will be your new go-to beverage!

Yes, Perrier Energize is an organic plant-based caffeine. 

Made with plant-based caffeine from organic Green Coffee and Yerba Mate extracts, Perrier Energize has about the same caffeine amount as an 8 oz cup of coffee. Don’t worry, Perrier Energize is also certified organic, low-calorie, with no artificial sweeteners and available in three refreshing natural flavors: Pomegranate, Grapefruit, and Tangerine.

All three versions are set to hit shelves as soon as this weekend priced at $1.99 per can or $6.49 for a 10-pack. Rather Amazon it? That works too because the 24-can pack is available on Amazon starting at $27.

Perrier Energize
Perrier Energize, photo provided by Perrier /

Now, here’s how you can taste it for FREE!

First things first, follow @PerrierUSA on Twitter. On Thursday, March 11, Perrier will release the sweepstakes info on Twitter to let you in on how you can win a free delivery of Perrier Energize.

In your submission, you’ll need to include #PerrierEnergize and #Sweepstakes in your tweet once the rules are released.

You’ll have to act fast because submissions open on March 11 and close on March 15.

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