Girl Scout cookies and wine are the sweetest combination

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Move over milk because Girl Scout cookies and wine will change that sweet indulgence. Whether you cannot resist that sleeve of Thin Mints or prefer those always tasty Samoas, there is a wine that will make those flavors even more enjoyable. Ready to take a bite and open a bottle?

Wine pairings do not have to be overly complicated. Sometimes finding a little fun with a twist of the cork makes for a delicious flavor experience.

Although personal preference should always guide food and wine pairings, the reality is that sometimes people can appreciate a little guidance. Peeling back the grape and looking at the flavors in a wine can lead to an unexpected food and wine pairing experience.

Recently, Barefoot Wines shared its suggestions for Girl Scout cookies and wine pairing. While these ideas are for a type of cookie, not just those once a year favorite treats, the wine pairing flavor ideas can apply in many ways.

What are some tasty Girl Scout cookies and wine pairings?

According to Barefoot Wines, here are some cookie and wine pairings that are worth a bite and a sip.

Chocolate Mint Cookies and Malbec

Even if you eat a sleeve straight from the freezer, the chocolate mint flavor plays well with the subtle Malbec. Just don’t dunk a cookie in wine.

Chocolate Caramel Coconut Cookies and Bubbly Rose

Life is always sweeter with rose bubbles. This combination plays off the varying sweet notes.

Chocolate Peanut Butter cookies and Cabernet Sauvignon

A robust, bold Cabernet Sauvignon needs heartier flavors. This sweet and salty combination can stand up to the tannin forward red wine.

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Sandwich cookies and Pinor Noir

With a little jammy quality, this food and wine pairing makes you think of a childhood PB&J. Sometimes it is good to be a kid again.

Shortbread cookies and Chardonnay

The buttery shortbread cookie plays off the oaky, buttery notes in this Chardonnay. The contrast of the creaminess of the wine plays off the sandiness of the cookie.

Graham cracker, chocolate marshmallow cookie and Rose

Channeling a night by the fire, this food and wine combination is like a summertime classic. That rose all day mentality is on full display.

French Toast cookie and Blueberry Fruitscaco

While not exactly brunch, this flavor combination is fun and flirty. It could inspire a whole new food and beverage combination.

Lemon cookies and Pinot Grigio

Pairing two bright, citrus flavors together is perfect on a spring day. This food and wine pairing is instantly refreshing.

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This Girl Scout cookies and wine pairings from Barefoot are just a few of the many options that are possible. Why not open a bottle of your favorite wine and snack on some cookies to enjoy your favorite. There are worse ways to spend a day.