Starbucks Releases New Ready to Drink Cold Brew

Starbucks Cold & Crafted, photo provided by Starbucks
Starbucks Cold & Crafted, photo provided by Starbucks /

“Tell me you love Starbucks without telling me you love Starbucks. I’ll go first.” The coffee chain is making life easier now with the launch of its newest RTD (ready-to-drink) cold brew innovation including, Starbucks Cold & Crafted, Dark Cocoa Sweet Cream Nitro Cold Brew  and Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew. So no more bottled Frappuccino? Woah, take it easy. These are just new options that you can stock up on to have a wide assortment at your fingertips.

It’s obvious that many of us are drinking more coffee at home so Starbucks decided to help revamp America’s daily coffee ritual with easy, RTD bottles that we can totally slurp on in our pajamas while working.

Another reason we love Starbucks is because they do everything with a true reason!

The Starbucks Cold & Crafted line was developed knowing that 72% of households haven’t tried ready-to-drink coffee, which is shocking considering that most of us have been working from home for 365 days now.

The Cold & Crafted line can be found at grocery retailers nationwide available in three flavors: Coffee Sweetened Black, Coffee with a Splash of Milk & Vanilla (imagine this over ice — IT’S PERF), and Coffee with a Splash of Milk & Mocha (ok, I see you Starbucks adding a little extra flavor there).

Each bottle contains 50 to 90 calories and between 10 and 15 grams of sugar. This really isn’t all that bad and a total worth trying. The best part, each bottle is less than $3, which means you can have Starbucks everyday for about $20 a week, and your S.O. won’t get mad at you going over the monthly budget. Sounds like a win, win situation to me.

Starbucks ready to drink cold brew coffee
Starbucks Cold & Crafted, photo provided by Starbucks /

Consumers can also get their hands on new additional cold brew choices including:

  • The Dark Cocoa Sweet Cream Nitro Cold Brew, expanding on the successful Starbucks store-inspired platform that launched in grocery in 2020.
  • The Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew, providing an RTD version of the fan-favorite flavor of the popular beverage in Starbucks stores by the same name.

Can’t get enough of Starbucks? Me either. Even if you’re not a big RTD person, I know you’re still a Starbucks fan. The chain recently expanded its in-store menu with non-dairy iced shaken espresso so go check it out!

If you’re looking to explore more in the RTD Cold Brew category, there are tons of options! A popular one that you might have already noticed at the grocery store is, STōK Cold Brew Coffee. From light to dark roasts to seasonal favorites, STōK Cold Brew offers a variety of flavors for any cold brew fanatic and they have a super chic packaging design too!

STōK Cold Brew is brewed low and slow for a bold and smooth taste. What makes them different is that they use Arabica-based blends and a higher ratio of beans to water than typical hot brews, so when you taste STōK, you taste pure, delicious coffee.

Available in various sizes and flavors, the 48-oz. multi-serve bottles ($4.99) of STōK Cold Brew can be found in the following flavors: Bright & Mellow (Un-Sweet Black), Bold & Smooth (Un-Sweet Black), Extra Bold (Un-Sweet Black), and Not Too Sweet (Bold & Smooth), while the 13.7-oz. single-serve bottles ($2.99) are available in: Un-Sweet, Not Too Sweet, Vanilla, and Mocha.

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What is your favorite ready to drink coffee? Has your coffee routine changed in the past year?