Lemonade Stands are Getting New Twinkies this Summer

(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images) /

Kids today are quite the sales experts especially when it comes to the popular homemade lemonade stand. This summer, we may be delighted to see Twinkies appearing at lemonade stands because they are launching a limited edition “Lemonade Stand” Twinkies starting on April 7.

Just as the classic Twinkies, the Lemonade Stand flavor will feature a golden sponge cake with a soft-pink-colored lemon cream filling. Perhaps Hostess should have named it, “Pink Lemonade,” but either way, we’re sure the Twinkies will taste phenomenal.

According to the Hostess website, the Lemonade Stand Twinkies will be available for consumers in two-count single-serve packs, a multi-pack of 8-10 wrapped cakes (the box says 10 but the text says 8 so we need some clarifying there) and a club pack of 16, which is likely the best choice if you’re adding this limited edition flavor to your lemonade stand.

If you love Twinkies and need to get your hands on this limited edition flavor, you’ll have to act fast! Consumers will only have about 8 weeks to buy and taste the Lemonade Stand flavor as it is expected to stop replenishing on July 4.

Starting on April 7, you can visit the Twinkies site and enter your zip code to find the nearest retailer that carries the Lemonade Stand flavor near you.

Also coming back on April 7 for a limited time, Hostess S’mores Cupcakes, just in time to kick off our favorite campfire activity! The summer treat first launched last summer featuring graham cracker-flavored yellow cake (move over basic graham crackers) and a toasted marshmallow flavored filling. Of course the treat is also topped with chocolate icing and the iconic white icing design on the top.

While we wait for April 7, Hostess has a few other limited edition items for fans to try now (available until April 6) within their “Get ‘Em While You Can” category.

  • Cotton Candy Twinkies — Bursting with flavor, the golden sponge cake wraps around the cotton candy creamy filling. It’s a treat all the kids will love!
  • Vanilla Cupcakes — A seasonal offering that adds some color to the Spring weather. The yellow cake is filled with sweet crème filling and topped off with smooth vanilla frosting.
  • Carrot Cake Donettes — A perfect breakfast treat with a crunch! These mini doughnuts have a “crunch coconut coating” while the inside of the doughnut is a fluffy orange-colored cake.

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Do you have crave these limited edition Twinkies flavors or do you prefer the original?