MTN DEW Rise Energy gives LeBron James a morning boost

MTN DEW Rise Energy, photo provided by PepsiCo
MTN DEW Rise Energy, photo provided by PepsiCo /

The morning routine just changed thanks to MTN DEW Rise Energy. In partnership with LeBron James, this new functional beverage energy drink looks to shake up the beverage conversation.

For many people, their first beverage of the day involves caffeine. While many people are drawn to coffee, the reality is that energy drinks are just as popular. Whether it is the convenience of grabbing a can, flavor options, or bigger caffeine boost, energy drinks are surging beverage trend.

While many people want that caffeine boost, not all beverages are the same. Similar to food trends that look to supplement nutritional choices, functional beverages taking over store shelves. It is more than just less sugar, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are part of the beverage conversation.

How does MTN DEW Rise Energy help people “conquer the day?”

According to Fabiola Torres, CMO and SVP, Energy Category, PepsiCo, the new MTN DEW Rise Energy helps to “awaken ambition” and was designed for “a morning boost with enhanced mental clarity and immune support that helps you conquer the morning to conquer the day.” The beverage contains “180 mg of caffeine, vitamins A and C, antioxidants, and fruit juice” as well as other ingredients for mental clarity and immune support.

In addition to the functional aspects of this new beverage, the partnership with LeBron James advances the conversation in various ways. Since the MTN DEW Rise Energy looks to be that boost to start the day, it opens the conversation beyond just being a refreshing functional beverage.

As James said, “the ability to rise and find motivation to do more and be more every single morning is powerful. When I first learned about the message behind the drink – the fact that every day is a chance to rise for all of us – that really resonated with me.”

Looking at the brand’s packaging and flavors, that message seems to resonate. The lion is meant to symbolize “a king with a fierce inner spirit.” Combined with the vibrant colors, the cans stand out on the shelf.

More importantly, the flavors are exciting. The six flavors are Pomegranate Blue Burst, Orange Breeze, Strawberry Melon Spark, Tropical Sunrise, Berry Blitz, and Peach Mango Dawn. The combination of fruit flavors both creative and approachable. From the tropical blend of peach and mango to the refreshing strawberry and melon, there is a flavor for every preference.

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The new beverage is available at various retailers now. A 16 oz can has a suggested retail price of $2.59.

MTN DEW Rise Energy looks to change the functional beverages conversation and spark intention in that morning routine. Are you ready to add a roar to the start of your day?