Planters is Giving One Fan $50,000

Planters March Madness promo, photo provided by Planters
Planters March Madness promo, photo provided by Planters /

If you have the basketball moves, Planters wants to see it. Planters is rewarding one lucky fan a $50,000 scholarship and all you have to do is record your “nuttiest” trick shot. Whether you’re making a shot with your eyes closed or backwards, Planters wants you to submit a fun, quick video for a chance to win!

In honor of March Madness, Mr. Peanut is celebrating the biggest college basketball tournament of the year with the launch of the Planters Trick Shot Challenge.

How to Enter 

Between now and April 5, showoff your Planters Trick Shot on Twitter, Instagram or TikTok using #planterstrickshot and #contest.

What then?

Mr. Peanut will then select his favorite nutty shots and the two finalists will go head-to-head, leaving the voting up to America via Twitter & Instagram on April 12.

How awesome would that be to add to your resume!

Key Tips for Your Trick Shot Submission

  • Your social profile must be public.
  • Music is not required for your video, but if you want to include music, you have to use the music clip “Get Ready” (2013 remix).
  • Use of the music clip will not improve your chances of winning, but if a video includes any other music, it will be disqualified.

According to the contest official rules, a winner will be determined by a qualified judging panel based on the following criteria:

  • Appropriateness to theme (34%)
  • Creativity / originality (33%)
  • Difficulty of trick shot / shock value (33%)

And like many contests, you can only submit once, so make sure it is your NUTTIEST work. Good luck!

Planters is on a mission to make college dreams come true as the brand recently announced it was seeking ‘peanutters’ to drive NUT-mobiles across the U.S. Holy peanuts, talk about a dream job.

In case you missed it, Planters is currently running through applications to identify nine recent college graduates who are willing to spend the next year living and breathing all things Mr. Peanut, Baby Nut, and more.

The deadline to apply to this awesome job closed on February 9 so you’ll have to wait until next year to apply, but hopefully you can still be awarded that $50,000 scholarship!