Laurent Carratie found this item challenging on Spring Baking Championship

Laurent Carratie, as seen on Spring Baking Championship, Season 7. Photo provided by Food Network
Laurent Carratie, as seen on Spring Baking Championship, Season 7. Photo provided by Food Network /

At the start of Spring Baking Championship Season 7, many Food Network fans believed that Laurent Carratie had a chance to win it all. Although his early departure had some people scratching their heads, the talented pastry chef and chocolatier made a lasting impression.

Recently, Laurent Carratie spoke to FoodSided about this Spring Baking Championship experience. When asked why he chose to join this Food Network season, the answer was quite simple. Laurent said, it was “opportunity and to give myself a new challenge.”

As seen in Spring Baking Championship Season 7, the challenges seem to be more difficult than seasons past. At the same time, the bakers are ready for the challenge.

For Laurent, he believes that “having experience is a plus in this competition.” Although his hot cross bunny fell a little flat, many of Laurent’s other desserts earned high praises. He seemed on track to soar to the top of the Spring Board many times.

While there have been some big highs this season, there have been costly mistakes. Laurent mentioned that “One of the biggest mistakes I have seen in the competition was not following the right temperatures when making chocolate; the biggest enemy is humidity and water.”

Although that comment sounds more like a Great British Bake Off fail, the reality is that baking competitions are not easy. While bakers can control all the elements in their bakeries, the same cannot be said about a Food Network kitchen.

Still, Spring Baking Championship and other Food Network culinary competitions are must watch food TV. While home bakers are mesmerized by the desserts, the show can be a glimpse at the next great baking trend.

Laurent gave his insight on baking trends. He said, “I believe that the trend as of right now will be more with the farm to table concept (fresh and traceable products) and also the DESSEREALITE desserts, which are less sweet and made of more fresh products. We always of course are trying to improve the French classics in the pastry world.”

While the term “Desserealite” might not be trending on Instagram, it could be. At the same time, classic desserts never go out of style.

Although Laurent did not walk away with the Spring Baking Championship title, he continues to impress fans with his desserts and chocolate creations. He believes, “s a pastry chef, when you gain experience in this industry, you will always find your passion either through sugar work or chocolate work.”

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Spring Baking Championship Season 7 airs on Food Network Mondays at 9 p.m.