New ways to dip that chip on National Chip and Dip Day

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National Chip and Dip Day, March 23, 2021, is the perfect time to celebrate our favorite snack combo. Chips are the most social of all the snacks. They are always the first to show up at a party and they love being paired with dips. The best thing about chips and dip? You can serve a crowd without having to double dip into your wallet. They are about the most economical snack around.

Ever since I was a child I have had a fondness for potato chips and onion dip. It’s so easy to make – simply combine sour cream with Lipton’s onion soup mix. This popular dip has been around since the 1950’s. A fun twist on this recipe is to use Knorr’s vegetable soup mix in place of French onion soup mix. It’s a colorful dip with bits of carrot, tomato, leeks, peas and onions. Try it, your potato chips will thank you.

What do you think was the very first dip? Guacamole holds that honor. According to, guacamole was invented before the 15th century by the Aztecs. The traditional chips to serve with guacamole are tortilla chips. Don’t limit yourself to just plain tortilla chips, surprise your guests with lime, habanero, salsa verde or spicy queso flavored chips.

Looking for a tortilla chip that tastes like the chips served at your favorite Mexican restaurant? Try Xochitl sea salt tortilla chips. Made out of stone ground white corn and they are gluten-free.

Ever wonder what the most expensive dip would be? Million Dollar Dip falls in that category. It’s also known as Neiman Marcus Dip. According to, the dip was created for Neiman’s Marcus’s original restaurant in Texas in the 1950’s by Helen Corbitt.  This dip also goes by the name “Million Dollar Dip”, because it tastes like a million bucks! It’s a rich and creamy dip made with bacon, cheddar cheese and sliced almonds.

Do you love wine? Then you will fall in love with Wine Chips , chips made especially to serve with wine. Lattice cut potato chips laden with rich cheese flavors. An added plus is that they are gluten-free! The perfect nibble with a glass (or two!) of wine. Available in four flavors:

Smoked Gouda: pair with Cabernet Sauvignon

Blue Cheese: pair with Sauvignon Blanc

Manchego: pair with Rosé

Asiago: pair with Pinot Grigio

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What’s your favorite chip and dip combo? Will you dip your chip into a fun new dip on National Chip and Dip Day?