Lindt creates the cutest Easter candy charcuterie board

Lindt Easter Candy Charcuterie Board, photo provide by Lindt
Lindt Easter Candy Charcuterie Board, photo provide by Lindt /

Forget the Easter basket because Lindt has created the cutest Easter candy charcuterie board. Even if the Easter bunny isn’t a crafting master, this Easter candy offering could be the star of the Easter brunch. Are you ready to hop into some sweet creativity?

In the past year, the charcuterie board has become a huge food trend. Whether people prefer to graze or people prefer the variety, this large plate of food often gets people’s attention.

Given the popularity, the charcuterie board is no longer limited to just cured meats and cheeses. From breakfast boards to desserts boards, the traditional cutting board has found a new purpose as a serving vessel.

Creating the perfect board of food can be a little intimidating. While there is the Cheese Plate By Numbers method, which uses the salami river technique, the concept does make the creative process more approachable.

For Easter, Lindt has created its Easter candy charcuterie board with a helpful map. Called the Easter CharCUTErie Board and Map, the online tool is the step-by-step guide to sweet perfection. Of course, the iconic Lindt Gold Bunny has a place of honor on the Easter candy board.

While this version features a variety of Easter candy, like the Lindt Mini Chicks and the new Lindt Carrot Box, the reality is that this Easter candy charcuterie board is very customizable. Whether it is purely a dessert board, a hot chocolate board or even a brunch board, the options are many.

Still, the classic Gold Bunny deserves a place of honor in this Easter food celebration. Often considered the most well-known Easter bunny, this candy has been an Easter staple for over 60 years.

While people can debate the best way to eat a chocolate bunny, the reality is that every Easter celebration is not complete with chocolate bunnies. When building this Easter candy charcuterie board, some people might want to consider hiding an extra bunny so everyone can get a taste.

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What do you think of the Lindt Easter candy charcuterie board idea? Could this idea replace the Easter basket?